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foster cat has diarrea

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My foster cat has had diarrrea since I got him like a month ago. I thought he was getting better but hes been at an adoption center for the past week and everyone there says he has diarrea all the time. He acts normal. I think its the wet food but they all keep giving it to him because he begs for it. Im bringing him home tomorrow. Do you think I should call a vet or just not give him wet food?
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I would call the vet & have a stool sample taken in to be checked for parasites/coccidia/giardia. It is possible that it is the wet food, but it is also possible that he is stressed. Many cats at the shelter here have loose stools because of the stressful environment.
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A month is too long to be having diarrhea due to food adjustments. I would assume a parasite, worm or other infectious or opportunistic organism and suggest you seek medical treatment. Coccidia causes diarrhea by *destroying* the walls of the intestine and acn be very serious if untreated.
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I also vote for a vet visit. If this little one has had diarrhea for a month, chances are he/she is also getting dehydrated.

I'd want a vet to rule out parasites and such before doing any "home rememdies".
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I would say also take him to the vet but I will tell you this: gabriel had loose stools for over a month and accidents. I adopted him from a shelter and he was very scared at first and very skiddish. It wasn't until I got a second cat box that everything sorted itself out.
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Thanks everyone. I will take a stool sample to the vet.
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