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Please pray for the baby!

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My son and his wife had to take the new baby to Children's Hospital this morning. He was throwing up a yellow substance. I'm very concerned because the doctor is a pediatrician and sent them past 8-10 hospitals to the hospital where transplants and miraculous procedures are done. That doesn't mean he will need that, but we don't know why he sent them to Pittsburgh. They live near the mountains- at least 35 miles from Children's. Please pray for him. He was born on 9/3 and he was only 5 lbs. 7 oz.
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I'm so sorry. I'll pray for the poor babe.
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Sending my prayers for the little darling.
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Jeanie, good thoughts for the baby. It is SOOOO scary, when they get sick.
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Jeanie of course the baby will be in my prayers!
The Dr. probably sent them to Childrens, as they are the best around! This way, if the little one needs more care, all the necessary persons and equipment are already there!
What is his name again?
....for the baby
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His name is Taylor John. God bless you all for caring.
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Good thoughts coming your way.
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Taylor John is a beautiful name Jeanie! He is in my prayers.
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Jeanie, I am so sorry to hear he is sick. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. I hope he recovers quickly.
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Jeanie, I am so sorry to hear this, and I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with the baby. I agree with Debra Myers, he was probably sent to Children's Hospital as a precautionary measure. I am sending plenty of prayers and positive healing energy toward the baby and his parents.
( The rest of the family is included too.)

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How scary, but everyone is right...little Taylor is in the best hands. Of course, you have my positive energy flying up East to Taylor and all of your family.
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Love, healing thoughts and hopeful prayers for Taylor John.
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Positive energy and well wishes coming from my little corner of the world as well. Little Taylor will be in my thougts, please keep us posted
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I'm so sorry to hear this!!!!! Little Taylor will be in my prayers....please let us know what you find out!!! My thoughts are with you all!!!
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My prayers with you and your family.
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I am so sorry. I hope all turns out well. I will pray for Taylor.
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prayers and positive thoughts coming from Iowa, with me and my family hoping for the best.....
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Oh Jeanie!!! Lots of prayers coming from Leicester as always.... send my love to them all!
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i will keep your family in my prayers.
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They initially thought the baby's intestines were strangulated, but those tests were negative. His white count is up, so there is an infection. Yesterday he was having difficulty breathing, but this morning his breathing is ok. He is on intravenous antibiotics for infection. The big concern right now is that the spinal tap could not rule out meningitis. It was inconclusive, so there will be a culture done, and we will know the results in two days. He had a bottle last night and this morning. Please continue your prayers. It's so appreciated.
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Good thoughts are coming your way from Illinois!! I hope the doctors find out what is wrong with Taylor, so he can be on the road to recovery.
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Positive thoughts and prayers heading your way today!
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When we see a newborn, we feel pretty much in aw. But when a little one is ill we feel powerless. Please know whoever you see as your creature will oversee the needs of the baby.Prayers are sent every which way for the baby, his parents and of course you~

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How is he doing Jeanie?

I am sending my prayers and good thoughts as well - I hope he gets better real soon, poor little thing...
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Let us know as soon as you hear anything...I am still praying for the little guy and will continue to do so until he is well again!!!!!!
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The only update I have is that one of the doctors has asked that he be given pedialite for the afternoon hours-instead of milk. I assume he is worried about his electrolytes and a possibility of dehydration. Please know how much I appreciate your prayers and continue. The Lord likes to be pestered (prayed to and petitioned), and we know how much He loves His children. If I hear anything important, I will certainly let you know. You are now my prayer circle because I can't get out. I know that our pastor has been informed, and I have been on the phone asking other friends to pray. Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh is one of the top transplant hospitals in the country, and people come from all over the world to take advantage of their skills. Knowing that little Taylor is there is a comfort.
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Thanks for telling us what information you have...I have to go offline and feed the baby, but I will check back later today or tonight to see if there is anymore news!!
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Not knowing anything is the worst. Taylor is in excellent care, hopefully that can bring some comfort. Of course, Jeanie, we will keep the prayers, meditations, and energy flowing to Taylor and all of your family.
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Prayers and positive energy are still being sent!!!!
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Jeanie - more blessings headed your way from me!
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