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Lots of for you and get well vibes for Nakita.
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Continued healing vibes to Nakita, and hugs and calming vibes to you both
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Continuing to send many vibes to you both
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What a hard time for you both. Continued vibes and prayers
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I'm just catching this thread now...sorry I'm so behind on Nakita. I'm sending lots of prayers and hugs to both of you...sounds like you certainly could use them.

Since Nakita is a pedigree Russian Blue, did you get her from a breeder? If so, I'm wondering if the breeder shouldn't be contacted regarding all of Nakita's health issues right now...if for some reason her issues point to a genetically-related health problem, I'm wondering if this breeder shouldn't re-examine her breeding program to help her eliminate such issues in future litters...if Nakita is indeed from a breeder. If she's not, just ignore all of my blatherings. Plus, if it does turn out to be FIP (which truthfully, I don't know a lot about), I have no idea if that's a genetically-based thing or not...

Four years old is so terribly young to be experiencing any of this...but we're all pulling for her, and for you! Hang in there, and we'll get you through this together!
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Fingers crossed - although there is no definitive test for FIP, so not quite sure what your vet is testing for. If she is only testing the titre level, there is a chance that it can be high but no FIP - and 4 is the wrong age group for it, it normally only affects under 18mo and seniors. I do hope they can find the reason for it though, and I think contacting the breeder is a good suggestion.
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I will continue to send prayers and healthy vibes to Nakita and you.
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Originally Posted by Russian Blue View Post
She tested negative for Hemobartonellosis, her red blood cell level went up to 23%, her fever is gone,her blood protein levels are way up, and the rest of the results show her to have chronic inflammation.
After Rob came home last night he told me in more detail about the call with the vet. I didn't speak directly with her yesterday, but Rob spoke with her.

The vet mentioned that the high blood protein levels could result in chronic inflammation, not that Nakita necessarily has chronic inflammation at this stage.

I'll be speaking with the vet when the next test results are in. I know that FIP testing is inconclusive, so I'm not sure what can be gained for testing Nakita.

Originally Posted by Foster Momma
haven't been on here for a very long time, since about a year and half ago when I lost my baby but I remember Nikita with those amazing eyes.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both, I hope that she will be all right.
That made me smile! She does have magical eyes and as beautiful a soul as her eyes reflect. Thanks so much for dropping by and keeping us in your thoughts/prayers. I'm sorry you lost your furkid last year.

to everyone for helping me through this.
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Keeping those vibes coming for Nakita and for you both, that this turns out OK.
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Awwwww, I sure hope you and Nakita get some answers soon.

I don't think she's hiding because she's mad at you. I think she just doesn't feel well, and if she's anemic, she's probably tired all the time. She still loves you!
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I have just read this whole thread...I am so sorry your baby is sick, I wish you and your baby all the best. I hope you get some answers soon.
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I am not around too much but I just wanted to say my heart goes out to you and Nakita. This poor gorgeous girl should not be going through this and I know it must be tough for you. I have such a hard time when my babies are sick, especially when the vets cant figure out whats wrong
Many prayers and good vibes to you both I really hope she gets better soon. It seems this has gone on long enough.
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Hugs to you and Nakita. I don't get time to post much anymore, but I still read the important threads like this one regularly, am thinking of you and send you my absolute best wishes to get through this.

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Sending prayers for you and Nakita!
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Kass, we're still sending hugs and prayers and vibes for you and Nakita. I hope there's an answer for you soon.
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Sweet Beautiful Nakita. I'm sending out my prayers and vibes that the vets can find out once and for all what is causing her illness, and that the Emerald girl will be well and healthy again.
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Just checking in for a Nakita update, hope you are all doing OK
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just checking in as well and continuing to send all my love your way
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Thanks guys.

More tests need to be done, but Nakita is too weak right now to go through with them. It's a day by day thing right now so I'm not sure which path I'll take. It's very serious at this point.

My vet has given me the name of a specialist to contact, so I'll be talking to him in the next day or so.
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Kass, I continue to send prayers, good thoughts, and vibes to your Emerald girl.
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{{{vibes and prayers}}} for the Emerald Girl. I was so glad to see her in your SS pics though, hoping she feels better and is not so scared of you.
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More prayers headed your way for your sweet girl.
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I will keep Nakita in my prayers and continue to send {{{{{healing vibes}}}}}.
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Nakita continues to be in my thoughts, Kass, and I'm sending more positive vibes her way.
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You and Nakita are still in my prayers, Kass.
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More GET BETTER NAKITA vibes on their way!
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Continuing to send prayers and vibes. Hopefully, the specialist will be able to give you some definite answers. We're all here for you, Rob and Nakita!!!!
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I am sorry things are so serious, I am rooting for everything to be OK for both of you.
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Oh I'm so sorry about Nakita - I"m really hoping and praying for a miracle here.
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Sending more prayers for Nakita. She looks so fragile in the SS pictures.
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