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I used the Bach's on Abby for her recent vet visit. I don't know if it was that, or the feliway, but she has not been pulling out her fur like she normally does after seeing the vet.
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Originally Posted by fifi1puss View Post
Hello my massachusetts friends! I went to North Shore animal hosp. in lynn today. The dr. i saw didn't even say hi or smile or even introduce himself, just asked me to put the cat on the table I asked him "and you are?" He said his name and I told him mine...he commenced with the physical. Asked absolutely no questions about her. I don't think I want to go back there. It doesn't feel right to me, ya know?

I am very involved with my own health care and plan on doing the same for my kitty. I want someone who will include me. Hawthorne is a hop, skip and jump away! I live on Lynn Shore Drive. I drive past it frequently to go to my own dr.

So thanks for the referral! I will definately check them out
A heads up about Hawthorne, though, if you take Dr attitude as important. The Dr there is hard of hearing and very gruff in attitude, but he is a REALLY good vet. I know this, again, after going through three other places where cleanliness and a willingness to listen to the cat owner were glaringly absent. Hawthorne is where we will keep going back to.

I don't need to be friends with my vet, what I see as priorities are: reaction of staff when you need them FAST (Hawthorne was AMAZING when Ginger had a bad reaction to her rabies shot,) the overall cleanliness of the office and whether or not they let you stay with your kitty for blood drawing, etc.

On top of that, I prefer the open-mindedness of a holistic practice - traditional care is given first and holistics are offered as options that you do not have to take, it is up to you.
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I don't need the vet to be my best friend. Just my kitty's! The staff seems really nice. We shall see (hopefully not) how they are in emergencies. They are less than a mile from work and home so thats a defiante + if i have an emergency! I was just put off by the fact that he asked zero ?'s about her maybe that means she is basically healthy looking?

I am going to stick with them for a few more visits....they have lots of dr's so i can circulate and see who i feel best with. When i spoke to the vet tech i had boldly asked her who she thinks is best to deal with cats she marked of a few dr's and the one i got was not one of them. I should have asked for one of them perhaps.....

It's just nice to know of options...just in case. I am glad after a few bad experiances you found your niche! I hate going somewhere that is unclean....icky. There is no need for that!
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