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Happy Holidays Everyone

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Hello everyone Sorry I haven't been on in a while Still really busy around here so I just wanted to take a few min and wish everyone Happy Hoildays and send a big thanks to all you here on TCS.

I hope to come back on a little more after the hoildays when things slow down a bit here. Thanks to the Mods for all your hard work and looking after TCS and making this a wonderful place to be. Thanks to all the siggy designers for making Beautiful siggy's and taking the time to share your talent with all of us. Thanks to all the Members here on TCS who share there info and make us laugh and are there when we need a kind word or two. Everyone here on TCS has touched the lives of so many on here I just wanted to say Thanks and Happy Hoildays to all of you and your familys.

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Awe I hope things get less hetic for you after the new year! Have a safe and wonderful holiday as well!!
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Happy Holidays to you too!
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Happy holidays you too!...
have you a terrific time!
see you soon!
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Same to you Kristy!!!!
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Have a wonderful christmas and we'll see you in the new year
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