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this is making me very frustrated

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We bought brand new leather furniture 2 years ago from Levitz. I dont know if you remember, but Tigger peed on both of them, which she has since stopped. We have a warranty that covers them for 7 years against anything. So, I called the customer service for the warranty company, & they sent someone out to spray some orange stuff that did work on the love seat & sofa for a week or two, but the smell has since returned. I think it got down into the wood part of the furniture. When you sit down, the smell comes up. So, I just called them back & told them that I doubt this smell will ever go away, and that I want both pieces replaced. The warranty states that if it cannot be fixed, the furniture will be replaced. So, the woman tells me, that no, they cannot be replaced because it only covers pet stains! Well, on the protection plan, it says "all human & pet bodily fluids." It states no where about how it has to be a stain only! I don't understand ........ due to her peeing, it has damaged the furniture! So, now, I need to call Levitz back since they will not work with me. I hope that they will be able to replace it for us, because I sure as hell didn't pay extra money for this warranty. Heck, I am sure if they rip up the covering over the wood, I am sure they will see stains on it! I opened the cushions up, and they are stained.
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I would tell then that the cushions are stained beneath the covering, which is what continues to yield the odor.
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They will probably try to jerk you around until the warranty runs out. You may have to end up suing them, or at least threatening to. Do you have a consumer protection program on your local TV station? We have several in our viewing area and they seem to do a lot of good. Sometimes you just have to make a lot of noise until they get tired of listening to you and give you what is rightfully yours. It's a shame that so many companies have no integrity any more.
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Tigger, Try to reach the top man in the local company, and then go up from there, if necessary. I bought a recliner which collapsed within ten months. After being told by the company rep. that it was the customer's fault (naturally), I spoke to the manager and told him I was going to put it on the back of a pick up truck with a big sign saying, "I bought this chair less than a year ago at #######"s furniture store" and drive around the mall parking lot. The next thing I knew, the president of the company called and gave me full credit on the purchase of a better chair. I took it. That chair was fine. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. It's sad, but true. Don't give up!! That's what they're counting on!
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I am going to call Levitz & speak to one of the salesmen. I remember when I called about it before, they said if the warranty dept. (which is a completely different company, btw) gave me any problems, to call them back. My husband works w/ a guy & he has the vinyl type of furniture, and I guess his cats scratched it up, & he had a warranty too. Well, when they came out to look at it, I guess they told him it wasn't covered by the warranty, even though it says any damage to it. Hell, I remember when we bought it, the salesman told us you could take scissors or a knife & slice it up & they'd cover it for you! Maybe, I should just do that & then say someone broke it, :LOL: I suggested that to hubby & he thought I was nuts! LOL!

KrazyKat: Yes, our local news channels has those consumer protection reports all the time!
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Ok, I called the store, & the salesman said that it should be taken care of, so he transferred me to their customer service (in the store), and I left a message for the manager. I let him know that imo, I don't think the furniture can be replaced. I'll let you know when the manager calls me back.
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I'm glad you have this guarantee in writing, because a salesperson can tell you anything. You must have it in writing or get in touch with the president of the company. He might help you just for the sake of his company's reputation. When I was not teaching school, I sold high ticket items. I know the procedure. An honest salesperson can make a mistake, and I have known them (including myself)to take the money out of their own pockets to correct a mistake. However, many care only about your initial purchase and then go on to the next one. Some will say anything to make a commissioned sale. That's why used car salespeople have the reputation they do.
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Go get'em Tigger! Give'em hell!!!
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Tigger....I know EXACTLY what you are going through with this, I have been going through the exact same thing for almost a YEAR now!!! I hope it doesn't take you as long as it has taken me.

My husband bought me a brand new recliner for Christmas 2000. We also paid about $40 extra for an extended warranty that they told us would cover anything and everything...including if it got burnt by a cigarette. Since I smoked, and several of my friends do, I thought this was a good idea.

In October of 2001, less than a year later...it happened. The burn is on the arm of the chair. So I called the place the warranty is from and talked to them. At first they tried to tell me it wasn't even covered, until I got out the warranty papers and read to them word for word where it says it covers burns. The woman said she needed to talk to her supervisor first...then came back and said, yes, it's covered. She told me I needed to fax them a copy of my receipt, so I did. A month went by and I heard nothing. Called back...they lost the receipt, could I fax them another. Did that...waited several weeks.....nothing. Called back several times and was told my request was being processed, blah blah blah....and then finally.....several months ago....I received a letter in the mail saying the new arm for my chair would be shipped out to me very soon. Still haven't gotten it yet!!! So I have been needing to call them back again and ask them where the heck it is...thanks for reminding me!!!!!!!! It will be a year next month since I first called them. It really makes me mad, because I would not have spent the extra $40 if I would have known it would not do me a dang bit of good!!! I realize the burn is my own fault, but that doesn't matter.....I spent that extra money because they told me it would cover that...even if it was my fault it happened!!!

I hope you have alot better luck than I did. I am going to call them tomorrow since you reminded me of it and see what they have to say for themselves. I still have the letter saying the arm is on it's way. Even if I get the arm...I'd like to know how I'm supposed to put it on myself...they are supposed to send out someone to do that for me....but that will probably take another year!!! (My warranty is for 7 years also.)

PS.....I'll just bet that BOTH our warranties are with the same company....I can't say it here...we don't want any lawsuits...but if you PM me, I'll tell you who mine is through...it is a well known company.
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I just pm'd you
They are replacing just the arm???? I figured they would replace the whole thing? I didnt think the arm on an arm chair could even be detached? Whenver you do get it, I am thinking they will send a tech out...... Or atleast, you'd think they would!
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Got your PM and sent you one back....yep....it's the same dang company!!

Well the arm that is damaged is the left one which is the one that opens up as well....it has a storage place inside, so I'm not sure if they are just relacing the top part of the arm (the lid, so to speak) or the whole arm. But either way.....I am tired of waiting!!!!!

Oh...and they won't replace the whole thing, since it is just the arm that is damaged, but now since it has been a whole year since I contacted them, there may be a noticable difference between the new arm and the rest, since I am sure the chair has faded some with wear, and sunlight.
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