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How old to make baby's????

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Hi, My new kitten Cozmo is a little over 4 months old, so I was told, anyway I see him today trying to make baby's with one of our other cats. We are going to get him fixed but were going to wait till next month. Is it normal for males to become active at this age? Should I have him operated on now instead of waiting?
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Normally, Tom, spaying takes place any time after 6 months but I'd contact your vet to see if four months is acceptable. You don't really know how old Cozmo is (unless the shelter had his mother there, and she gave birth there?) Some kittens are neutered very young. It is a simple operation for a tomcat so it might be good to get him fixed now.
He at least can't get anyone pregnant yet.
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If you can, get him in sooner if he's showing interest. Males can breed at a young age so to prevent an accidental litter, get him done now
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Spaying and neutering should be done well before 6 months of age as some vets insist on waiting until. As you can see that some cats become sexually active well before that. Please keep any unneutered males completely seperate from any unspayed females in your home. Do not let any of them outside either. Call around and find vets who will do it right away. It can be done at 6-8 weeks of age so 4 months is a great time to get it done. Please do it and remember that if you do the male first who is already becoming sexually mature, he can still get females pregnant for a month afterwards. So do the females first.

We can direct you to a low cost clinic in your area if you tell us where your area is. But please remember to not even let your unneutered cats even interact with the females for a second. That is all it takes.
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Now is the time to have Cozmo neutered, Tom
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All of our other cats have been "fixed" so kittens won't happen. Missy and Angel both get real mean if Cozmo tries anything anyways. Angel was asleep when I saw Cozmo try to do his thing but Angel put a stop to it real fast.

I was hoping to wait till the end of next month because of Christmas and all that plus we are going on a 10 day cruise the beginning of January so it would be one less thing to deal with if I could wait with Cozmo, but I guess I better talk to the vet and see if they can do him right away so I have some time to make sure he is going to be OK afterwords.
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