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My willie is missing

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I am very worried my willie is missing he is 8 + years maybe 8 or 9 we rescued him when he was three although a few years back he went missing and ended up in another town we got him back because people took him to a vet and the vet found his micro chip but I am relizing that not all vets check for that or anything else like that, also since the first time when he was gone for a month he never really went out as much or really left from our yard or in front of the house he never travels that and hes getting old now and so he eats and sleeps and doesnt really play that much (he does play but he aint no young cat anymore) But last night he went out and he hasnt been back and well we dont have a lot of neigbors but we did ask our one neigbor and he said that the last he seen willie was really early this morning and he hasnt seen him since and this is the neighbor that lives on the street behind our house ( willie is usually in our yard or he occasionaly goes and visits them or hes in front of our house) see we are also the only house on our street all the others were torn down but willie hasnt even came home to eat and the one lady down the street she walks her dogs (she has 4 dogs and A LOT of cats lol) she hasnt seen him at all not even on her walks....I feel so lost, I can tell this is going to be a sleepless night also when willie goes out he will go out for an hour or so and come back in and he never did last nite. It is nice outside right now but we are going to see if he comes home tonite and then I got to make flyers if he doesnt. My mom is freaking out that is her baby (hes mine too until I got Bella and then he had to go back in mommys room at night :'( he doesnt like the cats in the house but they dont really bother him he growls and thats it and he lets them no whos boss, This is just not willie to go missing I am sooo worried and my mom is so worried, we have been outside all day yelling for him, my brother searched for him when he took the dogs on their mile walk lol and nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing ! I just want my willie to come home. What all should I put on the flyers should I also put 2 pictures one what, never really done this before last time my older brother did!!!! But I am this time soon as I figure it out any advice and prayers would be great, we need some good vibes right now A LOT of good vibes ! I am freaking out and I called my so called best freind but she was with her boyfirend so she kind of was like o willies missing !!!! and then 5 mins later hold on and so I just hung up ! I am freaking out and I dont know what else to do !!
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Sending mega {{{{{prayers and vibes}}}}} that Willie shows up soon!! I've had a few of those sleepless nights of my own, and it's terrible! Once, Joey slipped away from a supervised outing (I think that he followed some kids who were hiking nearby) and was gone throughout a terrible night of very violent thunderstorms, until the next evening!!! JC and I were exhausted from worry and lack of sleep. So was Joey - he slept for almost 20 hours. I'm hoping to read good news from you soon!! Susan
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I have my MotherCat, the matriach of my feral family missing too. I know how you feel.

{{{{{{{{VIBES}}}}}}}} come on home Willie, your mom is worried.
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well he is still not home I was up all night I went out at 7 am to look for him and still no luck!!!!! I miss my willie beaners sooo much, and no ones seems to have seen him something a little odd tho the neigbor said that he seen willie on my deck yesterday morning really early well i guess before noon and my brother was with him and also the UPS guy came and left our order in our sun porch and then after that no more willie, I just wanna kno if he even seen my baby you kno it got me wondering and I am sure that if he was in the woods midnight who go's everwhere would of found him and made me follow him u know but we yelled I have been looking in the woods my mom wants to ask our other neighbor who has been cutting wood and such if he had his shed opened and possibly closed it with willie in it and he does have 2 dogs and alot of other cats and willie likes those cats he is a weirdo lol but its a possibility you know, but there is one problem we dont get along with the neigbor well I do but his dog tried to bite cocoa the one day so I dont really wanna talk to him with his dog out you kno after that time at the vet I am a little scared of dogs not that much but I kno his dogs arent on a leash and that he went after our dog jasmine and cocoa bit him for it, cocoa is very protective. the funny thing is when we had our old dog we had to move him to the other side of our houe because he barked and he constantly called the cops, and then now he got 2 dogs that bark all the time!!! But I just want my willie, I really have no problem with him so maybe I should but i do have a temper and if he refuses to look I dont kno what I do and he walks in the woods by his house so I am sure if willie was there than he would of told us or matt the other neigbor to tell us you kno! So now I gotta make flyers, how should I do that should I make it into paragaph under the picture what all should I put in it??? The online part is already done, and I just hope that someone finds him and takes him to the vet and the vet finds the micro chip, IMO I think that all vets should automattically have to check for a microchip, you know!!!! I barely slept today and I see another sleepless night, but if someone can help me on how to make a flyer that would be greatly appreciated !!!! I just want my kittie to come home and all I keep doing is hereing his meow (its all in my head i think because I heard it everywhere today) I just feel so lost!!! My mom hasnt gotten to my point yet but I give her a day or two until she gets to were I am today and I keep telling her to THINK POSITIVE, my brothers a real downer saying well maybe he got hit, my thing is he doesnt do anything or have a job why doesnt he go look in the woods then ???? I have to do school work everyday and it is tiring and my kitties I was downstairs all day and boy did they miss me I came up bella came under the covers with me and Stormie wanted to be petted and became so affeconate I siad well I see I cant go anywhere for a night hahaha !!!! My dogs are so sad and they are looking and what made me mad is my brother takes them foir a walk every night and well its the night to look for Willie you know but he went down to the neighbors house to sit there and watch t.v. I cant take the dogs they will kill me I have trouble pulling one let alone both of them hahaha they are pullers and I keep saying to cocoa where willie and last night he kept looking out the door too and today I said it so he went and he looked to were will usually lays and he wasnt there so he put his head down. Willie raised the dogs lol he cleans their heads and everything see willie was here when we got the dogs as puppies and willie and those dogs love each other!!!!!!!! Sorry this is soo long I just needed to talk or type lol !!!! I need those vibes coming lol !!!! Please help me with how to do the flyers tho I have never made them so I dont know what all to put on there !
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Oh, honey, I can see why you're worried!

Chances are, he's not too far...I'm sending HUGE "find Willie" vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending prayers that he turns up soon...
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Well still no Willie we are hanging up flyers tomarrow and my brothers helping out we have an add in our pennysaver for all over, and we found out that our neighbors dog was loose the other day the same day willie went missing so were figureing that maybe he chased him and willie got lost that way but who no's all I kno is if his dog did something to my cat there will be heck to pay lol, his dog is mean around here he ran up to my dogs like i said before and tried to bite jasmine I think and cocoa turned and bite him (cocoa is very protective but a big baby lol) and his dog has tried that to our friend mary lou's dog she has 4 and alot of cats but no internet she would love it here lol and thats how we found out cause his dog made it to her house in her yard, but alot of people are looking for our baby now! Today someone called but it was a false alarm the cat she has she had for a week or so now so it wasnt my baby !!!! other people have also emailed me about were I live and if hes found by the police they call animal control for strays and usually euthinize them, but my brother nows the mayor of our little town and hey hes coming to the wedding and he knows all the cops including the mean ones so its pretty much ok!!! But with the neighbors dog i dont think he would hurt willie well i hope he wouldnt cause he always sees him and also he grew up with cats so you know what I mean...I just want him home ecspecially for Christmas and thank you every one for praying and sending vibes, also I will keep you all updated !! Keep sending those good vibes, midnight is soooo sad you can tell and so is the dogs midnight just has that really sad look in his face!!!
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Well there is still no willie I really want him home for christmas...Well tomarrow is wed so the pennysaver should come out in most places and if not tomarrow thursday so lets hope for the best I really want him home I miss him soooo much and that would be great for my mom for Christmas So I am hoping well we are hoping that some one sees our ad and has our cat !! And I really hope that he is ok...even if some one has seen him I would love to know we miss him so much and want him to come home !!!!!! See we have an idea of where he might be seeing how we rescued him we think that he originated from around here but a little far!! well far for a cat and he has done this before and was gone for 8 months till someone called us about him and well that was way over 4 to 5 years ago so I hope that some nice people have picked him up and are waiting to read the pennysaver....But thats my moms feeling of where he went so lets hope that some nice people found him and are waiting to see our ad!!! It would be the GREATEST christmas gift for my mom...and I hope no one found him and is giving him as a christmas gift because hes ours and we want him home and so do the other animals !!! They are all so sad !! Please send good vibes and keep your fingers crossed for this week and the ad in the pennysaver !!!
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sending {{{{{mega prayers and vibes}}}}} that Willie comes home for Christmas
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well for some reason they put a hold on the ad in the pennysaver which makes me really mad !!!!! and same to my mom she called flipping out because it wasnt in the pennysaver and they said someone put a wait or something on it !!! People these days cant do nothing right , well the flyers there are copies and question we forgot to add something so does pernament sharpie run in the rain????? Also I really hope that he comes home soon !! Ecspecially for Christmas I really want him home everyone does so my mom is driving around the one place where he went to last time so we are hoping someone seen him there !!! keep your fingers crossed everyone !!!
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Go to your local schools and offer a reward for the cat. Kids' eyes are better than adults'. Pennysaver ads are rarely noticed. Be more proactive and get more people involved by giving them incentive to look for the cat.

I'd also contact churches and local businesses. Offer a reward.

I hope that you have your Willie back soon.
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If Willie has even the slightest inclination to explore vehicles, then I would suspect that he went for a ride in the UPS truck. This is the main customer support line for UPS: 800-742-5877. Do you still have the box that the package came in? It might be useful to have the tracking number.

Call that number, push whatever button gets you to a human and explain that you cat may have climbed into a UPS delivery truck and you want a phone number for the office that handles your area.

Navigate the bureaucracy for a while and hopefully you can either talk to the driver and/or find out the route that the truck took after it stopped at your house that day.

If you have the route, that gives you some additional ideas for places to look.

Good luck!
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well there was no Willie for christmas but since our ad was in this weeks paper people are reading it today adn we do have some people calling, so all day me and my mom have been out but with no luck So lets keep hoping that someone has him or is feeding him
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oh darling, I so feel your pain. Come home Willie sweetheart - come home baby
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Please come home Willie
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Oh Willie please come home, your mommy is so worried.
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come home Willie!! come home!! There should be no TCS kitties out there lost with this new year... come home darling
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continued vibes sent your way for the safe return of Willie

how are you holding up?
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More come home Willie vibes ..........
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post

how are you holding up?
I guess I am doing really good, I check the door like a maniac I have everyone looking and I search the internet about 6 times a day (I am now behind in school because I spend ost of my time searching) and I have Stormie and Bella to comfort me, but my mom is really sad and lonely and she keeps thinking of getting another kittie and she said if willie comes home well then we get a total of 5 kittties, and she is going crazy for willie, im searching the streets everytime I go somewhere...Its really hard though, u just gotta keep thinking positive and thats what I am doing and I am just hoping he wasnt someones Christmas present !
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Originally Posted by ProudKittieMom View Post
I guess I am doing really good, I check the door like a maniac I have everyone looking and I search the internet about 6 times a day (I am now behind in school because I spend ost of my time searching) and I have Stormie and Bella to comfort me, but my mom is really sad and lonely and she keeps thinking of getting another kittie and she said if willie comes home well then we get a total of 5 kittties, and she is going crazy for willie, im searching the streets everytime I go somewhere...Its really hard though, u just gotta keep thinking positive and thats what I am doing and I am just hoping he wasnt someones Christmas present !
Have you tried search at night with a flashlight? I know how heartbreaking it can be. Just dont give up.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Have you tried search at night with a flashlight? I know how heartbreaking it can be. Just dont give up.
Yes we have well my dad can drive at night and my mom cant and such so my dad goes to alot of places all the time and he is always looking my mom drives around a lot a my brother walks the dogs and looks then, so we are trying everything its just that nothings working but i am still keeping my fingers crossed for a safe return on the 11th it will be a month and thats just so long, and also the cat that was the "new" cat down a little from my house isnt willie it was a DSH really pretty orange kittie, so now we just gotta wait and see if anyone else sees an orange kittie and hope that its my willie
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Hoping that Willie turns up soon. It's hard to stay positive, and keep trying, but you can do it. Lotsa vibes and prayers for his safe return -- SOON.
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{{{{{Come Home Willie Vibes}}}}}
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Most people don’t differentiate between searching for a dog and searching for a cat, which is a huge mistake, because they are like apples and oranges. Cats are territorial, so when an indoor cat escapes outside, they feel displaced into unfamiliar territory. A displaced cat (and also an injured or sick cat) will hide and they will be silent. So walking around and calling the cat’s name doesn’t work.

What that cat does is to look for the first place where she can hide, and she will stay there. We’ve had people who have recovered their cats six weeks later, and the cat was two houses down, living under the neighbor’s house or under their deck.

We’ve actually recovered lots of cats by treating them like ferals and setting a humane trap. These cats will sit there and watch and even listen to their person calling, but they will usually not respond.

Eventually, some of them will reach a threshold point between the seventh and tenth day where they finally do meow or they go into the humane trap, but many of them, especially the ones with skittish temperaments, just continue to hide.

As for a cat who is used to going outside, we really do advocate making your cats indoor-only. However, if an indoor/outdoor cat does go missing, it may be that they’ve been chased by a dog or beat up by another cat. They may run into an unfamiliar area, and they may hide in fear as well, or than can be transported out of the area by crawling into a car or the back of a truck.

Outdoor cats are still territorial. They don’t generally travel great distances by themselves, so they’re going to be found within their territory or just beyond it. You’ll want to get into your neighbor’s yard to search under their porch, under their house, and in potential areas where the cat is trapped, because, again, the behavior of an injured or sick cat is that they will crawl in or under something that’s familiar to them and they will hide. And again, they won’t answer your call.
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