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A big thanks to all of the special people who have to work on holidays so that all of us are safe - and to the caregivers, who give so much of their hearts!
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Colin is a cop- so holiday or not, he will likely have to work as will many of the other ones. I have to work the week of Christmas as well, but I have Christmas day off. I told Colin that whether he had to work or not, we would have a great Christmas with my family (we'll just do it earlier in the day before he has to go into work if we need to) / And for the week of New Years we're planning on taking 2 or 3 days off to go and see his family and have a late christmas since they're out of state and we won't be able to for christmas. I love your idea of making something special for the people at the station Susie! I am soooo gonna do that
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I love Christmas Eve! Susie you are so sweet, baking for the firemen!
Every Christmas Eve we go and meet with friends at our friends Dads pub. We have a few drinks and then go home! Its a great laugh.
This Christmas will be the first year in my whole life that I will wake up in neither my Mums or my Dads house!
I will be in my very own house! We will be visiting both our famillies on christmas day, just not quite sure where we will be having our meal.
Im off this afternoon to do my shopping!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
That is a very nice idea! I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated by all!
Well, in fairness, it was you idea, I'm just borrowing it! I called the police today, to ask if they could only have store bought (sealed stuff) or if I could bring homemade... the garda actually laughed a little bit, he sounded really happy! He also said that homemade was fine, isn't that cool?
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I will be working this xmas eve too.

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I worked christmas eve last year because I have a saturday job and people wanted to go away to see family so I couldn't get time off. Plus it seemed kinda rude when all I'd be doing is mooching around in front of the TV
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