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Sending lots of prayers for Isis and you.
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This is Ashe's wife posting. He is sleeping on the couch after a night of vigil.

She is doing ok, she is breathing a little fast but a lot better. We're going to try the echo again today and that will tell her if it's the heart or the lungs that have the problem.

The did give her a steroid/anti diuretic shot yesterday and she has been drinking. I'm not too worried about her eating because she had food in her stomach on the x ray.
We put all the boys in our room which they don't like/understand but she needs as much peace and quiet as we can give her and we don't want her to be alone.
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I do feel for you both - I know just how it is to wait and worry while a problem works it way out to a good or bad conclusion. I only hope that things stay stable and then improve.
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Best of luck to you and your kitty. I hope it goes better for her today.
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Continued vibes and prayers for today's developments.
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Best of luck and sending good vibes your way
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Prayers and Vibes to Isis, please keep us posted.
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Many prayers and vibes coming your way!
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So sorry to hear about Isis' problem. Healing vibes to {({({({({(Isis)})})})})} and hugs to you both during this stressful time.
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Good news!... Isis is going be fine. It turns out the echo revealed her heart is ok.. just a little big. The problem turned out to be a bad asthma attack. I'm so glad she's going to be ok
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Yay! That's GREAT news!!!! I just caught up with this thread, so I'm really glad to hear that she'll be ok!!!
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I am so pleased. Asthma can be nasty but it is usually controllable. If you need info there are several sites here started by those of us with asthmatic cats that give details of treatments and problems that we have all faced. Good luck for Isis for the future.
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What wonderful news that your baby is going to be ok. *hugs* I am so happy for you and your family
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Thats fantastic news!! TCS vibes are great!!
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What a relief that is!!!
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This is Ashe's wife again
Yes we would like those links for the asthma. We were reading through other threads...when a cat has a hairball, do you always see it come up? Our one cat always hacks like he has one but we've only seen 1 hairball so now i'm starting to worry about him. "Is there something in my house" is my thought.
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I'm so glad Isis is going to be okay!!!
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Oh that's GREAT NEWS!!!!!
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