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Question about Kitty Love

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Hi Everyone!

Well our 2 new kitten have been here for about 3.5 weeks now- almost a month. It has been so long since I have had kittens that I can't remember how my older cats acted when they were young. Usually how long is it before kitten will start sitting in your lap or sleeping with you on their own? These 2 are about 18 weeks now and they aren't very affectionate. Penny the girl will rub on my legs sometimes or talk to me- and the boy will sometimes rub back when I pet his head. I have tried holding them alot and the tolerate it, but they never seek it out on their own. Do you think this is just how they are? Or will they come around? My Nathan (my old boy who passed away) couldn't go a night without sleeping with me. I just can't recall how he was whenhe was a kitten.

What are your experiences?
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You need to realize that all cats are different. Some LOVE to sleep with you, so don't. Some LOVE to be lap sitters, some don't.

I have four cats and only one likes to come and hug me. The rest just want me around to make sure their food bowls and water bowls are filled. (just kidding)

Two love to sleep on my bed, none will sleep under the covers like my DiddoKahli did.

Just love them and hug them and don't forget to talk to them. You'll see, they'll warm up pretty quick.
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I know cats are different. My old boys were night and day. I am just wondering if any one has any advise as to when you when you know that it's their personality or they are still getting used to you...
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My guy is 8 months old (had him 4 months) and sometimes I wonder this also. He is so weird! Sometimes he lovey but other times he runs from me (although he is probably playing). Anyhow, he will only lay on me at 6:00am when I am sleeping and sometimes in the evening when my kids have gone to bed. He also will only sleep under our bed where he is safe from my kids.

Tonight after I put the kids to bed I was watching tv in my room -- I was disappointed because instead of coming to lay with me he sat under a chair in my room. Very frustrating.

I am hoping as he gets older and my kids get older (and stop pestering him so much) maybe he'll become more of an attention seeker.
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Cats differ so much. Our Simba would hardly let me get settled before he was on my lap - come bedtime he would only sleep at the bottom of the bed, never "with" me.

Bijou doesn't like to be held very much and is not a lap cat but come bedtime he has to be snuggled down under my chin with his head on my face or neck.

As the kittens mature and settle down they may become more affectionate (and after neutering they often become calmer). Just give them some time - 3.5 weeks is a short time - they may still be feeling their way around their new surroundings and have places to investigate and things to do.
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