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Any Librarians out there?

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I'm really not happy in my current job/profession and I've been really thinking about pursuing an interest in becoming a librarian.

I love the library, i love books, i love research and fact finding/learning and I'd love to work in a quite(r) environment.

I've done some research on line about what being a librarian entails today, and so far most of that seems interesting.

But i know that there are always "hidden" aspects of the job that you would never know about until you do them, so I was wondering if any librarians or friends/family of a librarian could tell me more about what you love/hate about the job.

I do have the opportunity to apply for a circulation assistant's position at my alma mater, and that position doesn't require an mls. I thought if I got the job it could also provide me with some experience before I decide if I want to get another degree.

The things I don't like about my current job would mainly circle around working in a really small firm and having too many 'hats' to wear. I'm the receptionist, sales, research, designer, project manager, office manager, pre press, quality control and billing. That's a lot and I really hate talking on the phone, which about 7 or 8 of those require lots of phone time.

So, any insights for me?

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hi. I can help a little as I served as temple librarian for three years.

the two possible downsides are:
the solitude- which is really cool at forst
and processing lots of books for circulation can be a total drag unless you have great software.

many librarians specialize now so you can be a general all purpose librarian or one with quite an arcane specialty. Working in a library will give you a great insight into the work before you plunk down the time and money to get an MLS.

keep us posted
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Thanks for sharing that! it's really helpful to get other's first hand experiences.

Now I gotta get my resumé together!

Any other librarians out there?

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D'oh, double post, page wasn't loading!

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