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I've got a question for you all

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My friends daughter is supposed to leave for Arizona in Jan and is only taking one of her two cats because she can only have one out there, well the problem is, the cat she is leaving behind is neurotic, really neurotic. She NEVER comes near humans, she is scared of everything, basically she is unadoptable and they are planning to take her to the animal shelter.
I've thought about it and I want to take her. I am just wondering if she is going to be ok with my four. She hides all the time, I mean they NEVER see her. Basically I think she is a feral living in a house. My cats are energic, Rocket loves to play and so does Twig and I'm scared that it'll scare the poop out of this poor cat. Another problem is Isis. She is not the best at handling new situations and if stressed, will start to lick herself until she has licked herself raw and bleeding.
I'm dealing with that problem now because something stressed her and I'm not sure what that was, so I don't know how she will take to another cat.
I really want to save this poor cat. I know if they take her to the shelter, they will just deem her unadoptable and put her down. The thing is, am I willing to put my own cats at risk because of it?
Please any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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Is your house big enough to seperate her completely if necessary (you really only need to be able to close of one room to the others)?

If so, yes, you can take her - seperating her may need to be done for longer before introduction - she should be allowed to get used to you first before even attempting to introduce more widely. This will also give you time to let the other cats pick up her smell and you to pass on some of theirs over time, switching blankets and things.

Also, please check with your vet if meds would help - prozac worked wonders for at least one TCS cat - there may be a medical solution to her neurotic behaviour - also, possibly something to help Isis if she starts to find the new situation stressful (I think valium is sometimes given to help kitties who self harm).
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If she is already skittish, perhaps the one move to your house would be less stressful than the move to the shelter, new people coming in to look at her and then possibly a move to a new home.

Do you have enough space that she can be kept separate until she feels ready to cope with the other cats and how does she react to the other resident cat at your daughters?

If you feel your cats would not cope well with the change, is it possible for you to find a home for the cat rather than it going to a shelter?
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I have one pretty much like that Cammie stays in my bedroom all the time, but I d leave the door open and the other Cats do go in there, but at night she does not want them in there, that is our time her and I. I have found her sleeping on the bed with Dunkin and Miniman and these no problem there, I have had her for about 8 years and she has alway's been this way. She is not mean but at first she did growel at the cats when they tried to come in but she doesn't anymore.But I brought 6 more into the house so that must have been a shock her and Mickey have been my only 2 except for the last 1 1/2 years... It works for me they are all fine. I beleive she was partically feral when I got her also, she's a beautiful sweet girl to me and she will tolerate DH. Good Luck
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I could put her on the enclosed porch if I had to. I have heaters out there for when I sit out there (weird I know) in the winter, so she'd be warm. So the separation thing would be fine, and I have enough money to take her, I'm just worried about the damage to the other cats ( and to her.) Isis (and the rest) are 7 years of age and Neffy( that's her name) is 3 or 4 years old.
I don't know. I really want to give her a chance, I am just worried about what chaos it is going to cause. My main concern is my cats honestly. I love them with all my heart, and don't want anything to happen to them. I know if she doesn't work out I will have to take her to the shelter myself and it'll break my heart. I'm wondering how this is going to work out. Look at me, questioning myself when I don't even know if she's going to be mine or not.

If you didn't already know, Isis and Luna were ferals. I also don't want to set them back from the progress they've made in the last 6 years.
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It's a difficult one, but I think you would never forgive yourself if you didn't give it a go.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
It's a difficult one, but I think you would never forgive yourself if you didn't give it a go.
You're right. I'm going to try. I just hope everything works out. I'm so nervous about it. I'll keep you posted.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
It's a difficult one, but I think you would never forgive yourself if you didn't give it a go.
I agree Jenny.......and bless you for saving this little ones life....
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I've seen a neurotic cats personality change from hiding, hissing, and growling to sweet and loving with a new home and owner change before. Not saying that it happens every time, but maybe what this kitty needs is a change of scenery. If any home is going to make that change its yours.

It sounds like this kitty needs some special love and attention. The kind that shelters aren't often able to give.
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Its pretty awesome of you to think about taking this cat in..I'm sure any cat can become normal if done the right way..good luck
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I agree with Jenny, you would always wonder "WHAT IF" if you don't even try...

Good luck, and keep us updated.
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Kitters and I are sending you Huge Vibes that this works out for you and for all the cats. It is definatly going to be much better for her than if you didn't try. I think as long as you keep them seperated for quite a time and very very slowly start introducing the smells to the others you hopefully won't have any major events! We're going to be thinking of ya!
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