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Does anyone know how their parents/grandparents met?

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My fathers parents met back in 1930 at a dance.....she thought he was a geek, but he kept asking her out and she says he grew on her.......then she didn't know how she'd lived without him.

Mom's parents met at work back in the early 30's.......

My parents met at work.......he was a manager of a movie theatre and she was the popcorn girl!

Jerry's parents met at a fair/carnival.............

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My mom meet my dad at a "parents without partners" social a long time ago. (they're divorced)

as far as my grandparents go- i have no clue.
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My Grandparents (moms parents).... I do believe they were high school sweethearts - they've been together forever, thru him going off into the Army for years, and almost 50 years, 4 daughters and 10 grandchildren later... they are still together, happy as ever

I'm not sure about my dads parents

My Parents.... well, lets see... my Mom was friends with my Dads brothers wife and they went on a blind date at a bowling alley... it was true love ever since! I was only 2 when they met, so having to put up with me as a child, it must have been love I was a brat
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Both sets of my grandparents grew up in small towns together.

My mother met my stepfather, when he was my biological father's top sergeant, in the Marine Corps.
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My parents met at a dance. My Mother was the lead singer in a band that was playing at my Father's High School dance.

My maternal Grandmother and Grandfather met because their families had land side by side. My Grandmother was in love with another guy, but her Father wouldnt let her marry him and said she had to marry my Grandfather.

My paternal grandparents, I only know my Grandmother, her husband left and took my father, when he was 2 YO with him. My grandmother called it kidnapping, so when the police found him, they told him he would not go to jail if he stayed completely away from my Father.But she met my step Grandfather in a doughnut shop.
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My mom and dad met while working at Marshall Fields. She did the displays in the windows and the store and he was some kind of manager.

On my dad's side, my grandma met my grandpa while she was at grad school at the U of Michigan. She had not planned on getting married but my grandpa won her over. Her plan was to be a working woman -- she eventually became the head dietician at a hospital and had a secretary and everything. She is 98 now. My grandpa passed away many years ago.
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My parents met threw some mutual friends. My Dad was nasty and hairy so my mom didnt like her. And my dad thought she was nice but didnt like that she had 3 kids. But then he shaved and cleaned up and she went after him. That was in 81.

My Grandparents on my moms side met in a bar when she was 15 (bad girl) and he was 21. She went after him and the rest was history. That was in the late 40s.

My dads parents met also at a bar she was 15 and he was 20 something. They liked each from the beginning and ended up having 10 kids. 2 sets of twins.
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Great stories everyone!!!
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Both my parents and hubby's parents were high-school sweathearts. My mom's parents met at the place they both worked. No idea about my dad's parents - my mom used to joke that, rather than hiring a cleaning woman, he married my grandmother.
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Well, I think my sweet dad must have been Genghis Khan in a previous life and was sentenced to hell and married my egg donor.

Dave's parents were high school sweethearts. She was a cheerleader, he was in the band; their first date was the local Thanksgiving parade they marched in together in 1958. They would have been together 48 years this year, but he passed away in 2005 from ALS (Lou Gehrig's.)
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My Mom's parents met when my Grandfather would harass her at work (Woolworth's) to write to him during the war. Which she eventually gave in and did. The rest is history.

My Dad's parents met at work during WWII. Gram worked as a receptionist for the Radiology office on their Army base in California. Grandpa was a Radiologist and she would assist him with any female patients. Their anniversary is a week or 2 after my other Grandparent's anniversary. Both celebrated 62 years this last March!

I have no clue how my parents met. I know my Aunt and Dad graduated together but were from completely different social circles. They grew up a few block apart but didn't know each other as kids.

My Mom and Step-Dad met at church.

DH's parents met at college I believe.

His Mom met his step-dad at church also I believe.
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My grandparents (on my mother's side) met here in Toronto. They both originally were from Finland and they were at a Finnish church dinner when they met. I never met my grandfather (he was killed one night on the way home from work in Toronto ) and my grandmother passed away when I was 16. Both my father's parents died before I was born.

My father's ex-wife actually set up my father and mother! My father's ex -wife lived across the hall from my mother's apartment and they became friends. Then, when she found out my mother was single she said: Do I have the man for you!!! Unfortunately, my father also passed away when I was 16 from cancer.
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I don't know how my grandparents met, but the story of how my parents met is one of my all-time favorites.

My mom was almost 30, which was alarmingly old to be unmarried at the time. She was dating someone, and he had asked her to marry him. She knew she didn't love him, but her older siblings were all really, really pressuring her to marry him so she wouldn't end up an old maid. She decided to take a trip to visit her brother, Pete, in Phoenix so she could have some space to think about it. The first night she was in Phoenix, Pete had a barbecue and invited several of his neighbors. One of the people he invited was his next door neighbor and best friend...and it was love at first sight. Mom and the best friend spent the whole two weeks she was out there together. The night before she left to go home, he proposed. She went back to Michigan to plan her wedding after all...but it was to a totally different guy. They're still happily married 39 years later.
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I'm not sure on my father's parents, but I know that my mother's parents met at a church function. They got married in January and my Mom was born in June (you can do the math). Needless to say they were married for 56 years when my grandmother passed. They loved each other dearly, and couldn't live with out one another. My grandfather passed two years after. I will always think that it was from a broken heart.

My parents met when my father interviewed my mother for a job. She got the job.
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I'm not sure about my paternal grandparents (probably through church) but Mom has told me about how her parents met, as well as how her Dad met my step-grandmother.

My maternal grandmother was working in town at the cigar factory. (This was in the early 1910s.) One of her co-workers was one of my grandfather's sisters. One day as they were walking home from work, they dared each other to have their fortunes told by a woman who lived along the way. The fortune teller started with my great-aunt then came to my grandmother. She looked at my grandmother's palm and refused to tell her anything. But grandmother encouraged her. The woman said she would marry and have 2 children, but would not live to see them grow up. She then took a piece of paper and placed it in my grandmother's hand and rubbed her fingers over it. The image of a young man appeared. She said my grandmother would meet and marry this man. My grandmother didn't recognize it as anyone she knew, but great-aunt said he looked like her brother. As they walked on home, my great-aunt saw a young man on the corner and exclaimed "That's him! That's my brother!" It just so happened grandfather had come into town that day. They were married and did have 2 children (a still born son and my Mom) and grandmother died in 1940 when Mom was only 11.

Not long after my grandmother died, Mom and grandpa drove to Missouri to see her relations. My grandmother's sister introduced her friend to my grandfather and they were married later that year (1941). Step-grandmother was a registered nurse and the head of nursing at a St. Louis hospital. One of her perks was a furnished apartment with maid service. She gave it up to live in a farmhouse with only one modern convenience - electricity (installed so a refridgerator could be used to chill medications my grandmother was taking). I asked step-grandmother why she gave up her career and the maid service to be a farmer's wife and a step-mother and she simply said, "Love makes you do strange things".

Mom and Dad were introduced by their parents. It just so happened my grandfathers had both worked at the same company!! Mom was not looking for love having been burned by her first husband (left her to tell his mom he got married and never came back). But my Dad quietly persisted and eventually proposed by asking to adopt my sister. (He also got a cat in the deal. )
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My grandparents met at a barn dance before he shipped out, he said he wouldn't leave her a widdow so he wouldn't marry her before he went to war but he would marry her when he got back. They did and have been married for 56 years, and still going strong.

My parents met met because my mom was going out with a guy that borrowed my dad's car to take her out. My dad was suposed to meet them at my mom's parents house at 11:00 and my mom and the guy were late, and it was raining out so my grandma invited my dad in and they sat at the kitchen table and ate pie until my mom and the guy got home. My grandparents approved of my dad, not so much of the other guy and that's how they met, they didn't start going out until 4 months later.
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My parents met through a video dating service (when they were 28 and 34)! My mom, at first, thought my dad was boring until he started talking about how he loved flying, and they went out shortly after that. They knew almost right away it was meant to be!
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I think my parents just met through friends...but they are divorced now
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My maternal grandparents met because they lived in a tiny town where everyone knew everyone. During WW2 my grandmother was exchanging letters with two guys and once put the wrong letter in the wrong envelope. The other guy got mad at her-my grandfather, apparently, thought it was hysterical.

No idea how my paternal grandparents met. They're both gone and weren't really chatty about those types of things...I wonder if my dad knows, I should ask him next time we chat.

My parents were high school sweethearts. Apparently, my father briefly dated my mom's cousin, and my mom's cousin and my mom went over to his house to swim in their pool. He met my mom and realized he was dating the wrong cousin!
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These storeis are soo cute! More please!

I know this one is off topic a bit...but my best friend's sister met her husband when she was a teen and he was about 20 but only in passing. A few years later, as told by her younger sister as part of her speech at their wedding reception, he got her number because their mother ran into him at Walmart and told him 'she just really needs some good Christian friends,' and then gave him her number. Don't know what was wrong with the rest of her friends....
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Not sure EXACTLY How my grandparents met my Poppy came from Italy when he was 18 and My Mimi(Grandmother) was born in NY, she was also Italian...he spoke no English but she could speak Italian, he said He loved her at first sight! He told me when he wanted to marry her he was holding her hand to see what size ring she would need and she kicked him She married him when he had nothing at all, and he became a very successful builder. He was so Good to her, it was beautiful, he adored her!

My parents went all through school together...My dad was a jock football star and my mother was a wallflower...not much has changed
And they never dated in high school but met up again at some hangout when they were 22 and got married at 23 and have been married 48 years and had 4 kids.
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My parents met when my mum was staying in a flat while working at an Outdoor Education Centre in England. Her flatmates were all guys and they never did any cleaning. Mum didn't want to be the "domestic female" so for ages she refused to clean up, but eventually she couldn't stand the stinky grossness of the kitchen any more and began to clean it out. She was really mad and yelled at all the guys to stay out. One of the guys's friends was over and he didn't know what was going on so he unsuspectingly went into the kitchen, and mum screamed at him to get out. That was my dad! Later they met and dad asked mum out, she accepted and they've been together ever since, for 21 years and 3 kids!
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Well, they're all dead now. I really don't know about either set of grandparents' meetings.

The only one of them I really knew was Dad's Mum; the few times I heard reference to his father, it was either from Dad "my father " or his Mum "my husband ", with never a reference to their meeting.

I'd be willing to guess that Mum's parents grew up in each other's orbit and got together that way, but I don't know that for fact.

As for Mum and Dad, they met in the workplace -- he was a salesman, she was the switchboard operator (this is in the late 20's, early 30's). They'd have married a whole lot sooner if it hadn't been the Depression, and pretty lean times. They were only a few months short of 50 years when Mum died.
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Just wonderful stories everyone!
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My parents met at a high school football game. She was a Farmington girl and he an Aztec boy. There used to be a big rivalry between the two town and when they started dating my dad's friends really gave them a hard time. She married him when she was a senior in HS and finished HS at the Naval Base in Fallon, NV where my dad was stationed. They had 3 girls together and loved each other dearly until they both passed away. (Mom when I was 6 and Dad when I was 14).
I just love the story about how my grandparents (Dad's side) met. Grandpa was on his way to propose to a neighbor girl and cut thru Grandma's cherry orchard. Well Grandma was in a cherry tree picking cherries and nearly fell out when my Grandpa yelled "Hello". They spent the rest of that day talking and Grandpa proposed to her a month later. I wear the ring that he bought for the other girl (it is just a simple gold band) because it wouldn't fit my Grandma and Grandpa said she deserved a nicer ring with a big diamond. She only wore that diamond on special occasions because she didn't want to lose it somewhere on the farm. They raised 3 boys and 10 grandchildren and we lost count of the great grandchildren. My grandparents were the happiest people that I know.
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My dad was a musician and my mom went to one of his performances and she fell in love @ first site. He was with a hot blonde though that night. Mom went to see him play for a second time and that time he noticed her and asked her out. The rest is history

I think it's why I've always been (tragically and mistakenly) attracted to musicians.

As far as my grandparents, I really don't know.
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I don't knwo about my grandparents.

My mom and dad worked together in a gas station. My moms boss accused her of stealing cigarettes and my dad stood up for her. They both got fired but they have been together for 27 years!
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The STORY goes (no idea how true this is), that my grandmother found my grandfather passed out drunk at a barn dance and told her friend "I'm gonna marry him if I can sober him up"

My grandma stuck by that story the entire 30 some years that I knew her, so I suppose I have to accept it as true
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My parents met through a mutual friend and ironically my dad had seen my mother a while before they "met" and he thought she was pretty... (same thing happend with me and dh...)

My mom's parents were childhood friends and lived on the same street...

I don't know about my dad's parents...

my in laws met because their parents would play a card game every week and they all went to the same church...
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I don't know about my grandparents, but considering how small the towns were and still are where they each got married, I'm betting they grew up together.

As for my parents, well, they first met when they were in strollers at a 4th of July celebration in the town park in 1943. I think Dad pulled Mom's hair. They were really pre-Baby Boomers, born in 1942. Mom's father had flat feet and couldn't enlist; Dad's father was in the Mediterannean Front when he was born and Dad didn't meet his father until he was 3 years old. They grew up going to school together and dated through high school (Dad always broke up with her during football season and track season, thus assuring him of never having to deal with Christmas and Valentine's Day - the brat! ). He finally proposed when they were in college on Leap Day - February 29, 1963. They were married 36 years when Mom passed in 2000.
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