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I guess it's about time I registered...

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Still, I'll try to make my introduction short and sweet.
So, hello all! My name's Edward and I reside in Ottawa, Ontario. I've known about this wonderful site for some time but only now, have I decided to take part in the fun. Procrastination, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm the owner of... or I guess I should say, am owned by a year old, indoor-residing, neutered, domestic longhaired feline named, "Mischief" (His nicknames include, "MadCat" and, "Mr. Kitty" among others) and let me tell you, he certainly lives up to his name! He's the first male cat I've ever had and it's quite a different experience.

Such brilliant green eyes...

He was a stray kitten that someone had abandonned, at far too early an age, might I add. We actually found him in our fenced-in backyard. It was starting to snow around that time and late one night, we found him shivering on our back step. We just HAD to take him in. He chose us, not the other way around.

He's spoiled to the core... brushed, hugged, kissed, pet, and played with daily.
Currently, he's my only feline... I also have a black lab named, "Seraphim."

For years, I've wanted to own a modern, chocolate-point Siamese but I'm having SEVERE difficulties locating a breeder in my area. I did manage to find one as of last night... but there weren't any chocolate-point females left. (I've read that when bringing a new feline into a home wherein a male is already residing, it's best that it be a female.)

It was rather strange actually... the breeder apparently does all her business via telephone and delivers the cats personally. Well, it seemed rather strange to me anyhow. I did locate a breeder around four years ago, mind you but she had no website and I don't recall her address... she sold her cats by word of mouth and they were pretty costly, around $800 or something like that. She had Grand Champions, hundreds of show ribbons, etc. She was an absolutely astounding woman, really... even her decor and clothing matched her cats. She kept my name and number but unfortunately, the litter wound up being blue and lilac point. I never heard from her again. I WISH I could've convinced myself to spend that amount of money but I just couldn't, nor can I now, it seems.

The ones I discovered last night, which can be found here are $225 which I don't think is unreasonable at all.

How do you place a price on an animal? I mean, I partially feel bad for not wanting to pay $800 but her justification was that she sees dogs being sold for upwards of a thousand dollars, so her asking price for her Siamese was fair. I guess I can see her side of things but I didn't like it, when she told me that she'd drop the price if there were genetic defects, etc.

I guess all I'm asking for is this...
a local breeder (so that I wouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to have the kitten shipped to me) offering a modern (wedge-head, I apologize to those of you that hate this term, I'm just using it for specifics) chocolate/seal-point Siamese kitten, at a reasonable price.


well, it would grow into that.

Is all this too much to ask for? I know, keep dreaming, right?

Bah, it's all driving me so very crazy...
and I've ranted long enough so, I'll shut up now.

Well, I guess this wasn't exactly short and sweet, after all.
My apologies.

Take care!
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Welcome to TCS from a fellow Canadian Edward!

Mischief is adorable, and you are right his eyes are stunning!

I'm not sure about siamese breeders in your area, but I'm sure there will be people along shortly that can be of better help.

See you around the forums!
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Welcome to the site Edward...Mischief is a handsome boy
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Welcome! Mischief is gorgeous!!!! If you have specific questions about breeders, you may want to ask in our Breeders forum. We have a few members that are breeders.
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Welcome Edward and Mischief!

I have never bought from a breeder, but I would be pretty leery of someone who only conducted business by phone. How do you know the conditions the cat was raised in?
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Hi Edward, and welcome to TCS Mischief is gorgeous!

Good luck in your search for your "dream cat". I would hesitate to buy from someone who charges considerably less (or more) for their kittens than everyone else. Abbysmom is right, the Breeders Forum is probably a good place to go to get advice in finding a reputable breeder...what to look for in a good breeder, etc.
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Hi Edward and welcome to you and Mischief. He is a gorgeous boy with beautiful eyes! Good for you for bringing that poor freezing baby into your home that night. How long have you had Mischief?

Good Luck with your quest on your dream cat!
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Hello and a warm welcome from Spain and my kitty-crew

Mischief is so adorable, his eyes do look full of naughtiness but I bet you love each other to bits

Well as you know its great´ll soon become addicted !

Have fun and enjoy the forums !!
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Hi there Edward we're so happy to welcome you and Mischief to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Our black and white girl Tippy looks so much like Mischief and she too was abandoned at an early age. How lovely that they both have loving homes now. Good luck in your search for a Siamese - as Abbysmom says, we have many breeders who are members of TCS and posting a question in the Breeder's forum would be a great way to get some feedback .
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Welcome Edward!
Your kitty is very very stunning!
I love the green eyes!

Your dreams for a siamese isnt crazy, some people are specific about what they want, esp if you looking to pay over $200. I myself swore off any cats until I found a maincoon baby kitty (r.i.p) look-a-like. But stewie came to me when he really needed someone to raise him. I have my mainecoon mix Mikey and my siamese mix Stewie. Kind of how you got your boy.

Keep looking around, by some chance the right Siamese will fall into your hands at the right time. Thats what I tell everyone about My Mikey...god gave him to me and wanted me to have him..he saved him for me (mike was the last of his litter...and no one wanted him).

Good luck in your search and see ya around the board!
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Welcome Edward! Mischief is absolutely stunning! You are lucky he found you!

I don't think your dreams of the perfect Siamese are wacky. I have a few things I'd like to throw in here(keep in mind I've never bought a cat). I would suggest not buying from any breeders unless they are willing to let you see their facilities & meet their cats. If you don't approve of anything there, don't buy from them. I would also like to add that male/females(sex, in other words) don't matter so much as personality. You may find the cat that you think looks perfect & is a female, only to meet her & find out that their personality would clash with Mischief. I've met females who simply won't tolerate other cats, & males who are the same way!

Hope to see you around the forums!
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Special thanks to you all for your warm welcomes and well-wishes!
I'm loving this community and yes, absolutely intend on staying.
You're all so very friendly and informative.

You know, last night, I was so utterly disappointed that I was unable to locate a breeder... but what to my absolute amazement did I discover tonight?!

See for yourselves, my friends:

I found the ad, immediately after it had been posted, I kid you not.
I was chatting on the phone with a friend whilst performing my obligatory Siamese search when I decided to click, "search" just one last time, for good luck. The gasp I let out nearly caused my friend to have a heart attack.

I'm assuming the pictures are of past kittens, as she mentioned that this litter hasn't begun to show their true points yet. These appear to be fully modern, wedge-head Siamese anyway, that's the one thing I never asked. Silly of me, considering that's what I want. Can someone verify, or simply say, "yes, those are modern" so I can have peace of mind? Thanks! I mean, I know that they are... I guess I'm just in such disbelief that I've finally found what I've desired for such a long time.

She was such a nice women too!
Unlike the breeder I located last night, she took the time to speak to me and answered any and all questions that I had. Perhaps because I'm young, (24) she insisted on giving me the, "a cat is for life" lecture that I've become so accustomed to.. and expect from all good breeders. I guess she was surprised to see someone my age wanting a Siamese so badly.

Anyway, she took my name and number and although I'm not guaranteed ANYTHING at this point, she'll allow me to see the kittens after they've had their first vaccinations. I know It's not her fault but the words I loathe hearing a breeder say most of all are, "a few kittens are spoken for." Honestly, they're such painful words to hear!

She also brought up a few very valid points...
Although I've decided on a chocolate point, I may very well change my mind regarding my color/gender preferences, once I actually see the kittens and look into their beautiful faces.

Well, wish me luck and keep me and my dream-Siamese in your thoughts!
Finally, the cat I've adored and researched for years now, may soon become a member of my family.

This all seems too good to be true, really... beyond words.
I'm so ecstatic and on the verge of combusting.

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Woo-Hoo!! I sure do hope you get the kitten you want...and try not to bring them all home.....oh who am I kidding? We'll all applaud you if you manage not to bring them all home, but will embrace you if you do!
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Dear Mischief and Edward:

Welcome to TheCatSite, officially! We are all glad you are here and that you have decided to "come in from the cold" and be officially a member. Mischief is SO ADORABLE -- I really love the pictures of him "biting the hand that feeds him"! He looks a lot like our Rani, who's a tuxedo part-Persian queen. We are 9! indoor-only, rescued, spayed/neutered of course! felines -- I'm the eldest at pushing 17, and Baby Su, who's 2, is the youngest. Our devoted servant has lived with, loved, rescued, and advoCATed for cats all her life, and she asked me to pass this along to you: in her humble opinion, as well as ours by the way, it is kind of obscene to sell living beings, as (you are so right) who can or should put a price on living beings? Her recommendation (and ours) is to check breed rescue groups and yes, shelters and sanctuaries as well, for the kind of cat you want to adopt. "Purebred" cats are abandoned in droves -- sad, but true -- and with millions of sweet, healthy, loving, beautiful cats losing their lives annually on this continent alone simply because there are not enough good homes for them and because of human apathy/neglect/ignorance/failure to spay and neuter, we absolutely hope you and everyone else who is looking to adopt will look at sanctuaries and shelters and rescue groups FIRST!

We sure do thank you, and hope you'll enjoy it here. We look forward to seeing more photos of Mischief, too! What a handsome guy!
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Hi!, and Welcome to TCS!!!

...See you on the forums!
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This may not seem like a big deal to you guys BUT...
I managed to find the ad listed on the Montreal Kijiji site, as well and there are 2 extra pics!
I wonder why that is.

No matter, they're TOTALLY worth checking out.

I did some searching and it appears as though the Breeder had a website at one point in time but it's no longer up and/or running.
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I should add, although these are pics from the previous litter and not the ones I'll get to choose from, it's nice to see them, regardless.
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The breeder sent me a photograph this evening and I just HAD to share it with all of you.
This is either a chocolate, or seal-point... still too early to tell.

This could very well be the kitten I bring home in a couple months time!

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So, the breeder contacted me tonight...
turns out, the chocolate-point female is actually a chocolate tortie-point.
I find tortie's very unappealing, as their colors are all over the place and that's not what I want.

I've asked the breeder to keep my name and number and contact me when and if she breeds any 'pure' color-point siamese. I'm very sad, yes... but if waiting is what I have to do, I'll do it... even if I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity.

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Hows the search going?

I got Duke from a lady who advertised on a site like the first one you posted (way back). She turned out to be a BYB. We got Duke when he was only 6weeks old (way too young to leave mom!). Well, thats considered animal cruelty, so we called animal control on her. I love Duke and I couldn't even begin to imagine not having him in my life. But I will never again go through this just to save money. Duke had some issues when we first got him too. Find out if your potential breeder is registered with TICA, ACFA or CFA. Go on some siamese specific forums and e-mail lists and ask about the breeder (I can PM them to you if you want). While visiting the cattery is highly recommended, its not 100% necessary. I am adopting a bengal kitten from a breeder in Montana. She's a great breeder per her peers and the registries and breed associations. I've seen pictures of her cats, her cats pedigrees (which are pretty darn good), and she has updated me regularly on my new babies health and temperament. I should note, though, that I paid a whole lot more than $550 for him, but his price is in line with what other reputable breeders charge for a cat of his quality.

I really hate to think of all the cats (like Duke) that are bred by BYBs. I wish I could have taken the whole litter, but I wasn't prepared to spend any more than I had brought for one and she wouldn't budge on that. I regret that now...

Anyway, good luck with your search and keep us posted!
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Thanks tiffany, I'm sorry to hear that about Duke but I'm glad you reported her to animal control... and I'm glad he's in a great home now. I worry a great deal when I see any kitten advertised as being only six weeks old. I've read that 12-16 is the norm and that makes perfect sense. Mischief is a year and a half and he STILL sucks on my clothing... a habit of which I hope he grows out of someday. He was a stray when he found us but I just know he didn't spend enough time with his mother.

The search is going great, thanks!
There have been a few updates since my last post...

As I mentioned, the breeder of the Siambella Cattery in Montreal kept my name and number. I then discovered and have since contacted this breeder regarding what I'm looking for... she has two litters on the way and will call me, if and when she has any chocolate-points.

Also, on I've contacted Susan Perkins (Ayuthaya Cattery) and believe it or not, she has a chocolate point that's almost ready to go... a woman from Rochester is 'supposedly' purchasing the kitten but nothing is definite as of yet, so she promised to contact me by next Tuesday to let me know. I'm probably getting my hopes up but I SEVERELY hope she opts not to take the kitten, in the end.

Actually, some of the kittens on Thaifong were originally purchased from Ayuthaya.
Here are the chocolate-points, in particlular:



Obviously, I'm extremely hopeful... and maybe this time next week, I'll be extremely happy!
So cross your fingers everyone and send good vibes my way.
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