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Zoe and Zazzy missing their Snow

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My 16 year old Snow was put down 3 weeks ago. The first few days my other 2 cats didn't seem to sense. Then they started to look around for her. I saw them looking in all Her spots, her favorite corners, chairs, beds, looking at me as if to ask, where is she? The past week has been difficult with the 2 of them. They are 2 very well behaved cats, never any problems, but as I said the past week Zoe, the younger one, isn't acting herself, sad, and Zazzy, the older one, is throwing up and depressed. extra attention and love are given in heaps, but has anyone experienced this with their cats after one of their buddies pass on? Snow wasn't really friendly with them, as she was deaf, she bonded more easily with people, not the other cats. But Zoe and Zazzy always seemed to check on her, especially as she was aging and getting more sickly. I don't know what I'll do if something happens to them.
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I'm so sorry for your recent loss, and for the slow grief process in your home. Please take them into the vets for a look over. Are they eating ok?

Rest in peace and play, Snow.
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Bless their luttle hearts I would take them to be checked over as well just to make sure
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Its happend to me when purra died her best buddie oliver was very depressed. i got him a new frineds and took him every where with me and he was better.
im so sorry for your loss
rip snow go play over the rainbow bridge
Hannah Lee
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None of mine are quite themselves yet after Napoleon went, and that was eight weeks ago. They eat and sleep, but they are not themselves, and I can sense their loss, as I am sure they can sense mine. Ellie and Persil, who were inseparable, now fight a lot, and Wellington does not really interact with any of them except when Ellie decides to groom him. He just wants to be with me, often draped round my shoulders. They all still sometimes wander around crying and looking. I think they can still smell him. All we can do in these circumstances is love them, talk to them and let them work it out, as we have to work out our grief. I am so sorry about Snow, I hope your kits and yourself get through this bad time soon.
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