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Our Daily Thread for Friday, April 13th

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Hi everyone!

I took the liberty of starting our daily thread since I see no one else has.

I got my new car yesterday. It's so nice to know I have reliable transportation again. It's purple! It's pretty quiet at work. The phones don't ring much probably because everyone and their mother except ME has the day off (Rene and Sandie).

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm spending Easter at Rene's house with Sandie, Ken, and everyone from Helping Paws.
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Congrats on the new car, Donna! Hope you got the old one cleaned out!

I, too, am off from work. I hung a note on my monitor to remind me to work on a take-home exam for my finance class today, but as you can see I am not listening to myself.

Well, it is a 4 day wekkend.......
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I'm going to mom and dads for the weekend. But, I couldn't leave w/o saying HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!

Socrates and Tiger are fine. Tigers definantly almost all the way back. He just needs his hair to grow in on his arms.

OK, the moniters wigging, so I'll bid you all farewell and will try and jump on one more time before I leave tomorrrow.
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Anyone here superstitious? My birthday is in one month as of today!! I love birthdays

Going to Mother's for Easter. She is making Lobster, one of my favorite dishes. I hope it doesn't rain.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Your mom's making lobster for Easter? Is she willing to adopt? Mmmm
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That's funny... she probably would. The more the merrier!!
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MMMMMM Lobster!!! That sounds wonderful! Yum!!
Congrats on the new car, Donna!

The kids are here, so I will have to go soon...gotta make Tacos for supper!

Happy Easter!!
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It has been a very long day - I was able to adopt out a five year old cat that Donna had gotten a picture of in the local paper - that is always exciting when we place an older cat. And the picture generated more calls and two other people are coming to adopt older cats tomorrow. We have about seven in care right now and my goal is to get them all homes before the huge flow of kittens starts.

My daughter left today on a trip with the Hart school of Drama (she attends Saturday classes as a high school student). She and three of her closest friends are going to Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria (that is where my mother was born) for ten days with a group from the school! They were so excited as you almost never get a chance in high school to travel to Europe with your best friends. Two boys and two girls - all 1 years old. This will be a memory that will give these kids a lasting friendship - the best part is no-one is boyfriend and girlfriend so there is none of that to worry about. I will miss her but am thrilled she will have this experience.

Now I need to go to bed because tomorrow I have to finish cleaning for Easter as well as adopt out more kitties. I have 13 people coming for dinner, including Sandy, her husband and daughter, Donna and her daughter, my other volunteers Michele and her husband, my older daughter and her boyfriend and some other friends. I am an only child so my husband and I created the family that we most would have like to have as blood relatives. We did real good!
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