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Originally posted by JulieB
I only watched it during the commercials in "Friends" - I missed part of the season finale last year - and even with that small exposure, I hate the skateboard guy!!
Your first line scared the crap out of me!!! I thought OH NO!!! I missed the new Friends show!!!!! But then I realized you meant it was last seasons show. I guess that means the new one is on next Thursday. I'll have to remember to tape it!

I really hate the skateboard dude too....he is such a jerk!!!!!! All he was worried about was getting on the same team as the "hot babes".
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We are lucky in Canada - they play Friends 1/2 hour before the start of Survivor because they are on the same Canadian channel.

What did everyone make of the Ghandi / Ted thing last night? I think Ghandi is making a lot more out of it! He sounded very sincere when he apologized and it is very possible he is telling the truth.

That reward challenge was nast. Did you see how mean that young tribe was. The idiot skateboard player went for the older guy's throat. I mean the man was 2 times his age and 1/2 his size. The he (Robb) had the nerve to complain about the results. I really wanted him to go last night, but Jed sealed his fate by losing the fishing net.

I loved those red barret guys who helped out. They made the tribe some great things and gave them important tips on what they could and could not eat.

Looking forward to the continued trials and tribulations next week, especially in the Ghandia/Ted saga.
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I thought it was comical that no one even knew how to use a fishing net. Sure you leave it out to drift with the tide and catch fish, but you tether it down! LOL The camera man found it- Mike and I were hoping that it would drift to the other tribe's camp.

That Gandi thing is way over-blown. She was the one hugging on him and stuff near the campfire, before the issue. Excuse me- but when you are married, you don't hug another guy like that, especially on when there is a camera on you! What must her husband think? And if something did happen, you keep it quiet so you don't hurt your husband's feelings when the show airs....geesh! I liked how Ted addressed the whole issue in front of everyone and cleared the air- but I bet there will be trouble down the road. Mike and I about fell off our couch when she went down the beach screaming and throwing rocks- what a loser!
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Oh I know it! I couldn't believe she was throwing such a fit!!!

I actually like her up until this episode. But when she said she told them all the whole story, except the part where he apologized, I thought, well that's a pretty big part to leave out!! I thought he was sincere, too! I know if my hubby was sleeping beside another woman (which he better NOT be) I would expect him to throw his arm around them or cuddle in his sleep, thinking it was me. I truley think Ted thought it was his wife, but I could be wrong....he was asleep so I don't think anyone should judge him harshly for that!!

I'm glad Jeb went bye-bye!!! He was getting on my nerves, although not as much as Rob!!! Maybe next time it will be him getting the boot!!!!
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I thought Giandi was right to confront Ted, but she either accepted the apology or she didn't. She worked herself into a frenzy over it. If she was not satisfied with what he said, she should have been up-front about it, and if it was necessary to discuss it with the group, do it! She went behind his back and never mentioned the apology. Now, if Ted was aware of what he was doing, Giandi will, nevertheless, always be the one who looked bad. I guess the cameras weren't on, or the director decided to cut that part of the tape. It probably lasted only seconds.

I agree the young group deserved to forfeit the game. They cheated! Then some of them cried about it! It's a shame skate board dude is still there, but when one of the group (Jed) decides he's above doing any work, he should expect to leave. Cooperation is key, even in TV survival!
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darn, looks like I missed a good episode. One of my friends had a really bad day at work Thursday, so I took him out and got him liquored up. Were up most of the night talking. Didn't remember about Survivor until today.
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I think Gandi blew the whole thing out of proportion. She really shouldn't have been hugging him to begin with. I think Ted was sincere in his appology. I guess it continues into next week, which should be interesting.

I wish the dumb bartender would get kicked off next ........ he is so air-headed!
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Well, I can't say that I am sorry to see Ghandi go. She was really tempermental. When Jan was picking the teams, she really should have picked more fit people. They are getting their butts kicked in almost all of the challenges. I hope things get better for them. Even if the other team loses, they won't get rid of irritating Rob - Stephanie the firefighter will go. I can't believe she doesn't even sleep in the shelter with them. I wonder what the big suprise will be next week?
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I was surprised that the swim instructor (Helen?) voted to oust Ghandi. (Yes, Ghandi made a fool of herself last week.) She believed her, and not Ted. She said she thought it was a strategically good move. I wonder what she meant. The women are outnumbered now, and this group of men wants to lie back and let the women work. They're like a group of male lions that lie around in the sun while the females work, and then expect to eat first! I like men, but this group? As long as there's one woman to do the work, I think they'll vote the others off the island.
I agree, Adrienne. I think Stephanie will be the next to go. I wonder what set her off? It's a shame, because Rob is a complete jerk!
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I guess it was not much of a surprise that Stephanie was voted off, although Surfboard Dude was certainly disappointed! He certainly annoys me more that Shii Ann does. What is the name of the more mature man in that group? Darn, can't think of it. Anyway, he said she really carries her weight. I like him. I'm terrible with names, but he is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. The food auction was fun. In my opinion, the spagetti was the best buy. Hot fudge sundaes are heavenly, but spagetti is delicious and nourishing.
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I agree Jeanie! That spaghetti was definitly the most nutritious and best buy they had!!

I wasn't surprised that Stephanie got the boot. Although I thought that maybe Shiiann might have been the one. I'm glad she stayed, I like her. I cannot stand the skate board guy. He gets on my nerves the way he talks. Like he is God, and everyone else is dumb.

Do they merge tribes soon? I can't remember how many weeks in they do that??

By the way, I really can't stand any of the guys on the other tribe. They are all chauvenistic ( sp??) I think.
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I was glad to see Stephanie get the boot. I haven't liked her much ever since she stripped down to nothing and went swimming with the group...I'm sorry, but that is tasteless...she barely knew them!!! I too like ShiiAnne, glad she didn't go!!!!
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Looks like we're a little behind in the show here. The episode they aired here last night was the one where they voted out Jed.
Does not surprise me that Ghandia has been voted off though. We just watched her throwing the beach tantrum...how old is she? lol
Disappointed to hear that the bartender skateboard guy is still there though. He is a complete loser and soooo dumb!!
Oh well, hope he gets voted off next time...hehe
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Louise, That's a shame. We're ruining the program for you!
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Nah it's fine. I'm sure the information is on their website anyway, so it doesn't matter.
Plus I can hassle people I know by bragging that I know who's getting voted off next...lol
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So sorry Dude - you are out of here! Bye bye Dude! Don't let the hut door hit you on your way out dude!

Wooooooohooooooooo! No more dude! I am so happy Robb is gone! IMO he was the most irritating to watch.

I wonder what twist the have come up with for the merger, if there is going to be a merge.
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Gee, I wonder what the enigmatic smile on Shi Ann's face meant when Rob's name kept showing up! I'll bet she's every bit as upset as we are that Skateboard Dude was voted off. I'm so upset! ( )

The tribes are dead even now, but the shows have been throwing curve balls at us, so I don't know when to expect a merger. I like Jake and now I think Ken, (?) the policeman, is a nice guy. He put Rob straight--at least for a while. Helen's ok; so's Shi Ann, but I think I like Jake the best.
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Anybody besides me not swallow Rob's whoo ha about his "miraculous change?" LOL What a load it was. I hope he was sincere about it all, but it seemed to me that he was kissing butt and trying to keep his place for the million bucks.

The tribe that has to swim for their water every time they need it- why don't they just build a raft??? It isn't like they don't have trees and vines to use.

Can't wait till next week to see the next surprise!
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I was glad to see Robb go too!!!! I can't wait to see Thursday's episode! I think some chages are coming!!
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There was no merger! Shi Ann shot herself in the foot trying to get on the other team's good side. If they had paid attention, they would have know that it wasn't a merger. He said that something different would happen, that 2 tribes would live on 1 beach. They were given no new flag, bandana or name. You would think that if you are playing for a million dollars that you would pay more attention. I still think the Ken and I can't remember the other guys name should have tossed out Penny - I don't trust her. I can't wait to see what happens next! I think Chuay Gai have the advantage as everyone is living on "their" beach!
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Yep, Shi Ann really blew it, didn't she? She was so glad to have someone treat her nicely, she just "sang like a canary," as the old gangster pictures use to say. It's a shame, because the Chuay Gai guys are chauvenists. I think Penny might have been booted off if Shi Ann would have kept quiet. I think Ken and Jake are smart enough to see through Penny's manipulations. I understand how she felt, however.
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Well, I am sure I will be in the minority here...but I wasn't sorry to see Shii Ann go....not after the display of disloyalty she put on towards Ken and Jake. (I think that is the older guys name) She really screwed herself there....and I think she got what she deserved.
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Think the two tribes will merge at all?!?
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I don't know. I kinda like this tribe against tribe thing. I wonder what else new will happen.
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I think they'll have to merge soon, if we're going to see individual survival skills. I was surprised at last week's results. I thought conniving Penny was gone for sure.
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Where was last week's reward challenge?
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No reward challange for 2 weeks now!
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Finally a merger!!!!

Brian (the porn star) finally gets the boot!!!
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We didn't get much of a clue, did we? Ken seemed to be the candidate, but I think Brian's personal tape, showing the grand piano and the Cadillac(?), did him in. Of course he is strong, but so are Ken and Ted.

What do you think of the teary lady who buries chicken parts? I can't think of her name at the moment. She's very sensitive, but I think the group considers that a bit weird.
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Hey Lhezza, Ken was booted not Brian!! Although I would have much preferred Brian...he gets on my nerves.
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