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territorial female...peeing!

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two of my friends and i recently moved in together and we each have a cat...they each have females and i have a male.

one of the females (kitty-chan) has begun peeing on one of the couches...this same female is the subject of my male cat's stalking (skitz)...he constantly chases her, etc...she always hisses and spats and he makes no noise at all. none of the cats have a history of peeing outside the litter box but kitty chan has been caught peeing on the couch twice now. when placed on the couch, she doesn't seem to be bothered by the smell while skitz busies himself attempting to cover everything like crazy.

i'm pretty sure that her peeing is a result of his attempt at playing that comes accross wrong...she kind of has a very defiant attitude while skitz is to laid back...kitty-chan has a history of hugging and grooming the 3rd cat josie, which i read somewhere is a sign of dominance...josie is pretty much just pain neutral and scared of everyone and everything...all the time...!

we'd sanitized the couch cover and just replaced the foam and batting...hadn't even replaced the covers yet and it's started again...

not really sure what to do, the room mate who owns the cat dislikes the one who owns the couch so she finds it funny and won't solve the problem...

how can we inexpensively attempt to curb this behavior?
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Are you sure it is a dominance issue and not a urinary tract infection? Perhaps it would be good just to call up your vet and discuss the symptoms with him/her and see what they recommend.

Usually it is the male that has these kinds of issues, when it is a female, it may be more apt to be an infection of some kind.

Let us know what the vet says, OK?
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okie dokie, i'll let my room mates know....my boy has never ever had any issues...and when he did dribble a couple weeks ago, it was literally like two drops from a dropper...it's not really a spray like the pinned thread says, it's more like urination...but of course since males are more likely to do it, my room mate is blaming him...in fact, he's in my room all night and the spot was there this morning...it's just starting to irk me that they're blaming it on him just because he's a male...for there to be a spot a foot around, it HAD to be going on all night!
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I don't know if this will help any. If you clean the couch again, could you put plastic on it to protect it until this problem is taken care of?

My couch has removable cushions and you KNOW that I have each one of those cushions encased in plastic and then a large throw over the whole thing.

Looks nice, don't care if the cats have an accident.
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Had sorta the same problem myself back when. First, get her checked out, just to be sure, but more likely, she is so stressed she is peeing somewhere where she smells the owners smell, to reassure herself.

And, you might wanna check if the male doesnt chase her off the kitty litter, coz thats what happened with my cats, and it tends to be a frequent behaviour, be it to play or to be territorial.

Then, the owner of the female cat should really be the one to want to fix this. It is HER cat that is unhappy here. Surely, she would want that fixed.
Try vinegar to get the smell completely out.

I also wonder how you guys introduced the cats to eachother, did you give them time to warm up to eachother? Were they seperated at first? If not, you might have to do the introduction all over again.

I would also advise the use of feliway in the room with the couch, and i would
play with the female somewhere secluded so she has a chance to release her stress some other way. Same for the male, so he doesnt get any mischievous thoughts when he sees the female, let him spend his energy on the toy.

Good luck to you. It took me nine months to figure this out coz i too didnt know what to do about these problems, but it did stop, and I still have all my cats who are now happy co-habitants, so do not despair
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