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Something's Wrong With Pudge

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Thankfully (although my wallet begs to differ, between a kitten spay and a sick cat), this is happening just in time for her prescheduled checkup tomorrow, but my cat has fallen ill.

She's been puking little drops of froth for a night and day now that I know of, and will eat nothing but raw meat cut off the bone or wet food right now. She keeps gaggin, but nothing much comes up besides the froth.

The raw, she keeps down. The wet food she pukes up little bits of (covered in froth).

Her meow has changed completely overnight as well, to a somewhat raspier one, and her nose is alternating between normal and super-warm and sweaty.She also has a bit of a wheeze every few breaths and her breathing alone is now shallow/audible.

Does anyone have ideas on what this could be? Remember, She is going to the vet FIRST THING TOMORROW, as none of them are open on Sundays.
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I have no idea what the problem could be, but I sure hope you can get it sorted out quickly tomorrow. to you and your kitty.
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Originally Posted by tru View Post
I have no idea what the problem could be, but I sure hope you can get it sorted out quickly tomorrow. to you and your kitty.
thank You. At the moment she's sleeping on me. I carefully pried her mouth open with my thumb (surprisingly, she didn't mind. She normally hates people poking around at her mouth), and she's decided that it's easier to breathe that way, so she's left it open. If I weren't so nervous right now, it'd make for a cute photo.
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I wonder if she could have something stuck in her throat or gotten into a toxic substance.
If she gets any worse....please try to get her into an emergency vet today.
I am sending hugs and my fingers are crossed that she will be OK.

Be sure to update after her appointment tomorrow.
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It could be lots of things, but the vet will probably be able to figure things out in the morning.

While you are there, ask about the location and phone number of the nearest 24 hour emergency vet hospital. There are just too many things that could happen that could not wait till Monday morning (urinary blockage, accident, heart problem, etc) so it's essential to know where to go if you ever need it. Hopefully you won't but better to have the info!
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Oh....I wish it weren't Sunday! Update us as soon as you can & I hope all goes well at the vet's tomorrow!
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Sending get well vibes .... Silly ??? was the wet different ???
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Can you take her temperature (I use a regular digital thermometer with a little vaseline) to see if it's in the normal range (I think under 102.5 is normal). There are all kinds of things it could be, from something serious, like congestive heart failure, to something simple, like a hairball. I'm sending vibes that it's something simple.
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Kitters and I are sending you huge VIBES.

Board vibes work such wonders and I will be thinking about you both!! Keep us informed and just stay calm because I know that wigging out won't help either of you! (I'm the worlds biggest worrier) Stay strong and love her till you get to the vet in the am.. You may also want to call them in the morning and let them know what has been happening and they may be able to get you in earlier or make sure they have out or setup any testing they may need to do.. I don't know, just a suggestion!
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I hope the vet will be able to sort this out quickly for you.

Loads of get well vibes.

Please let us know how she gets on.
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UPDATE: She's fine (and markedly bouncier/back to her old, bratty self today), and is keeping her food down.

The vet says that from the symptoms (and after looking her over), that it's a difficult hairball. I'm increasing her usual dosage of Laxatone, which should help.

Thank you all for the kind words.
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I'm glad to hear it was just a hairball!
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That is soo good that is was nothing major, let us know how she continues to do and when said hairball has left the building!!
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