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Doin' the hump! Help!

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ok my young cat who was neutered several months ago has begun humping
my leg, arm, chest, you name it at night while i am trying to sleep. It's horrible, it's keeping me up at night and i have no clue why he's doing it. If i throw him off, he growls. I hate putting him in a room by himself b/c i am at work all day. again, he was neutered. if you refer me to a link, please make sure it works b/c in the past the links to similar emails have not worked for me. Thanks!
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Oh my! I really have no response for you, but your situation sounds like it is very bothersome! Any chance that the Vet did not get 'all the necessary parts' taken care of?
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Several months should have taken care of much of the testosterone behavior. Was he perhaps an older Tom rather than a 7 or 8 month-old when he had his operation?

He may have an irritating infection in his penis that is making him a little wild. Bottom line (no pun intended), you should get your vet onto the problem.

I have a male cat who insists on kneading me at night as a kind of "I honey, I'm home and ready to curl up for a good sleep..." sort of thing, but he was bottle reared, and is sometimes stuck in the infant and mama relationship when he has had some kind of unpleasantness with his environment (a neighbor's dog almost catches him, one of the newcats tried to take his favorite spot for sunning, a new puppy was brought into the household, his favorite surrogate parent dog ignored him...).

Good luck, and please post what the solution (and the problem) turns out to be...
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