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How did you guys hear of TCS?

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I dont know if this thread has ever been started before...but hat the heck...mine as well, right?

So, where did you here of The Cat Site?

I did a google search, because the site I was using (idog-feline section) was just way to slow and you had to wait 2 days for a responce--totally diff. here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, google!
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Yep, it's been asked.But, I'll tell you how I found it
I was on and saw a post by TNR about getting cats altered and she put a link to this site there.I just followed it.Because I had Blaze and wanted to learn all I could about cat care.
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Internet search for something.
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Trout was sick and I was desperate for answers...I think I googled vomitting cat, and got TCS Thankfully!!
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An internet search engine
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Through my ISP's search engine.
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Search engine
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I did an AOL search when I ended up with Annie Rose. She was pregnant and I didnt know how to deal with her breeder. So I did a search on pregnant cats or something like that and TCS came up.
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Google Search!
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Google search here, too!
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Another Google search. I searched on "cats, health, behavior".
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Google here too! Scratch was hiding under my arm chair and I was freaked out. I'm just glad I met people who really love their cats as much as I do.
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I was looking for informative cat sites when we first got Miagi and I found it on a google search.
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I did a search because Mooch was having diarreah. We had only had them a week when I joined TCS.
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I was looking for information about Feral Cats
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Google search also, when when we were losing Molly. I ending up joining after we adopted Abby.
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Another google here. I think I searched for cat forum.
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yet another Google. I was looking for a cat forum.
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Also Googled! I may not post much, mostly read and giggle a lot, but this is a really great site. Have to check out the cat pics everyday!
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Google search. Elsa was way, way, way pregnant and I was wondering what to do. I think I searched for "cat overdue pregnancy" or something like that. I think TCS was one of the top sites returned. Of course, after I posted about it in my long-winded manner, she had her kittens within 6 hours. Without much help from me, LOL. I'm REALLY glad I stuck around.
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Like most people here, I was surfing the interweb. In this case it was for a news story about an adventurous kitty that took an unexpected trip overseas in a large shipping container. I couldn't find it, but I found this site in my surfing and ended up registering to ask about it. Malynn is to blame for my return because she responded to my first post.
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I think I just did a search on and this was the 1st site that popped up! We had just gotten Harley and I had a TON of questions, being a 1st time kitty owner!
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Google. I don't remember now what I was looking for -- it wasn't urgent or anything like that, just curiosity. But high up on the first page of hits was TCS. And as someone's sig says "Veni, Vidi, Velcro"
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I was looking for information on how to introduce new cats and decided to search for discussion boards/forums about cats. After checking out a few different sites I decided to join here.

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Oh gosh...I don't know how I found Tcs...(a search for sickly kittens from what I remember) ,but I found it back in dec 04,when I first stumbled on my feral colony and desperately needed advice on some sickly kittens living in some bushes(Two are both now my sweet babies Tickle 'n' Patch and bless Tip-tail/Sylvester R.I.P

I think back then the site looked different from it does now I lurked alot and got some info but I didn't register because I thought you were all that far away that you wouldn't be able to help(how wrong was I ? )
So I registered on a local charity website forum hoping to get some advice (that was in jan 05 and still nobody has replied ........losers ....... just kiddin' )

Anyway I finally registered with you lot in I think oct 05....I'll live to regret it i'm sure
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My Husband found it for me
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I think I was looking for a cat forum- no idea what I was getting myself into!!
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I was in the process of planning to move from a big house (where my then-BF/now-FI and I were living with another couple and their two cats) to an apartment with just the two of us and our kitties, and I wanted to make the transition as comfortable as possible for Spike and Oz, especially considering Spike's learning limitations. I did a Google search, found a bunch of web-resources, and TCS turned out to be the most informative. And like a bad penny, I just keep turning up.
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