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Feline Leukemia

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My lil boy Sebastian (who has the broken arm and has been sick) may have Leukemia....How could this be? I am awaiting the pathology results but I thought that he would have had to have been exposed to the virus? Am I wrong? He is an indoor cat but has escaped on a few times. He has an auto-immune disease so he is NOT vaccinated. Please..what am I missing here? Did he get this from another cat? My other cat is fine and healthy.

His WBC is 90,000. They are looking at his neutrophils in particular for what condition they are in.

please any info will help.
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Why does the vet think he has leukemia? if he already has an auto-immune disease, I'm not sure why the vet would think he also has leukemia And since Sebastian has escaped, there is a chance that he could have been exposed. leukemia is very easily spread thru mutual grooming and sharing food/water dishes. The test for leukemia is a simple blood test, unles the vet did and ELISA test, the results should have been immediate for an IFA test- please keep us posted!
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I am so anxious that I should have given a history of Sebastian so someone can help me. He is 15 years old. He had pancreatits when he was younger. He had stomatitis. We treated him with steroids and antiferon (sp). We eventaully had to pull all but 4 teeth. He has been fine otherwise. He does have some Kidney fucntion problems but it was due to age. He was on Science Diet K/D dry food. He had a URI. He was treated 4 months ago. 2 months ago he was sick again. He was treated again. 1 Month ago he broken his arm. He tested positive for Strep in the wound. It was a computed fracture. He took a sudden turn for the worse. He stopped eating, so i force fed him. He developed a runny nose, congestion, a runny eye. He was put on Zythromax. His blood work showed that his potassium was low, his protein was low and he had a left shift in his white blood cell count. He was put on Potassium suppliments. He is doing ok, still being force fed. He needs an x ray done on friday, so i took him to the reg. vet for a check up since I am uncomfortable with the anethesia that will be given to him at the surgeons on friday. My boy has lost 2 pounds in one month. I AM feeding him plenty of Rebound and A/D. He is anemic and his WBC is 90,000. The vet also felt a mass in his tummy.

It has been a hellish month. I want to find out why he is SOOO sick...The vet said that they are waiting for the pathology report and that his WBC could be high due to a chronic infection but he has had no fever...I am a mess right now....there is something wrong and I am not a vet and do not know what to do....the vet is learning toward leukemia or lymphomea...But, if it is leukemia? how did he get it? also, no ELISA test has been done. I need to look up Elisa now.
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ok, I'm going to be completely honest and a little blunt here, but with your kitty being 15 years old and with a history of medical problems, the leukemia would have killed him a long time ago, so I am willing to bet that he does not have leukemia. Cancer/lymphoma sounds like a much more likely diagnosis. if he does have leukemia it could have been transmitted thru casual contact with a stray that was infected

I'm so sorry you and Sebastian are on this rough road lots and lots of vibes that he gets healthy again
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