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My Lucky is gone

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My son, Lucky was hiy by a car and killed today. There are not words.

Thank you to everyone who said hey to us, he enjoyed the attention. We are burying him tomorrow with his toys.

I am still Luckys Mom.
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Oh I am so very sorry. Rest in Peace Lucky. You may want to post about him here, it helps so many of us.

Crossing the Bridge
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Condolences on your sad loss of Lucky. Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, dear kitty soul - now you are a member of our TCS kitties who have crossed - and I am sure that some very special kitties, esp. one spec. TCS kitty named Max is there to welcome you, and to point out your meowmmy's posts on TCS. LuckysMom, your TCS family all sends you hugs and more hugs, as well as our deepest condolences on your tragic loss of Lucky. If it's true that cats have ESP, then it's probable that Lucky knew his time was coming, and left this world not only knowing that he belonged to a true family that loved him very much, but also that you two had joined an even larger, extended family that is here for you during these dark, mournful days. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Susan
P.S. i haven't visited the TCS site for quite awhile, due to out of town travel, ;and am actually home a day early, due to illness, so please forgive my delayed welcome to TCS.
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Oh I am sorry to read your post I had just checked in to do my "welcomes" and came across you sad news. I have read your other posts and I can tell how much little Lucky was loved

RIP little one, run over the bridge your new fur-family are waiting to welcome you

Heres sending you lots of warm thoughts and {{{{{ vibes }}}}} to take you through the forthcoming days, you know you can come to TCS anytime for support and friendship
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I am so very sorry to hear your news on Lucky.

out of deepest respect for you, your family & Lucky, I will move this to the Crossing the Bridge Forum where our members can pay their respect.

RIP Lucky - fly high little one

I will light a candle to help guide him home

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I am so sorry to hear about your sweet boy Lucky, May he Rest in Peace
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I am so sorry, your right, there are no words...

Just know that he is over the bridge, playing and running around with all of the other little animals who have passed-where there is no such thing as pain-only good times.

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I am so sorry for your sad loss.

Rest in peace and play Lucky.
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Oh how sad.
RIP precious Lucky.
You were loved little darling.
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Tearful headbuts and oh, so sorry licks from KittenKiya's Clan. We weep with you.
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your black cat looks like my lucky. Green eyes and all. Any white? He had a tuft of white on the lower right side of his belly.
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Everything I learned about the Love of God I have put into practice through my Son. My Luckyduck. (momma's name for him)

If he broke something, it didn't matter, he looked shocked and he was more important than any object to go into the trash. If we break something, or do something contrary to God's Word, God's first concern is our well being and forgiveness is only a teardrop away.

His safety and well being were my first concerns. God knows when a sparrow falls from a tree. I couldn't keep Lucky from being killed by a car but I do know with all my heart, God held him as he died. What won't he do for us.

His happiness was my happiness. Since he was ophaned a young age, he didn't learn all he should have from his mom, to him I was his mom. He loved me and all he wanted was to be with me. That is all God wants from us. Just our time with Him. Whatever we want that makes us happy that is not contrary to His Word is what He wants for us.

I gave him all he needed and most of what he wanted because his happiness was my happiness.

We had open honest communication, people were amazed at our conversations. He was the first face I looked for when I woke up and I couldn't get to sleep if I didn't know where he was. God feels that way about us.

Lucky would have been thrilled to know any of you, he didn't have a mean bone in his body. He was joy bundled up in a sleek black fur coat. He lived life to the fullest and lived everyday full of enthusiasm and excitement at what the day would bring. He loved being out in God's garden. He was my example of how to live within God's Heart. Everyday.

If there is a rainbow bridge and if animals get to be with us after we die, everyone kindly move aside as my son runs back into my arms. He won't mean to knock you down, all he will see is me. His momma. And all he ever wanted was to be with his momma. He will wait forever til I come for him.
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Lucky will remain in your heart until you are together again.
RIP beloved Lucky.
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I've merged your other thread with this one

What a gorgeous boy Lucky sounds You'll certainly be the first one Lucky sees at the bridge, so be prepared for a lot of headbutts

Have fun at Rainbow Bridge Lucky until you see your mummy again

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Dear Lucky's Mom:

Know you are in the thoughts and prayers of everyone here at TheCatSite; and I do hope that your personal beliefs include the knowledge that you will be reunited with your sweet fur-son Lucky over the Bridge, where there is no more separation, no more sorrow, no more pain. Believe it, and cherish your memories of your furbaby now. I have "been there" many, many times, and, though I know there is no "closure" (what a ridiculous and trite thought!), the memories you have of him WILL help you to endure this time. Know also that he is there with you in spirit! This is not some airy-fairy cliche, it is true. I have personal knowledge that it is so.
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I'm sorry about the loss of your baby!

Play happily over the rainbow bridge Lucky!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Lucky. He will always live in your heart and cherish the memories that you had with him. Someday, you will be reunited with him at the Rainbow Bridge.

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Many sorrowful headbuts and tearful licks from KittenKiya's Clan.

If it is permitted, DiddoKahli and Princess Alexis will escort him to you.
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Seconding those emotions, Bryan. We who have been there, too often, know the feelings, and empathize. And, we look forward to that fine day.
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I am so sorry for your loss. I know that might not help your feeling at this time, but maybe down the road just knowing we are all here and know what you are going threw will help your threw this hard time Huggs your way.
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Rest in peace beautiful Lucky, at the wondeful rainbow bridge, where there's no pain and no sorrow. Only happy days ahead for you sweetheart, until your reunited with your momma again.
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Dear Sash and Lisalee:

What beautiful thoughts and Sash, what a handsome mancat you are! I couldn't view your website, maybe because I have dialup?, but your siggy is gorgeously handsome!
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Rest in Peace little Lucky..You are truly loved and missed.
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Originally Posted by Tarasgirl06 View Post
Dear Sash and Lisalee:

What beautiful thoughts and Sash, what a handsome mancat you are! I couldn't view your website, maybe because I have dialup?, but your siggy is gorgeously handsome!
Aww, thank you. I can't take credit for the sig, Karen (Abbysmom) created it for me.
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And heres Janis and her gorgeous little boy Lucky

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Oh Janis...
What a beautiful picture of you and your precious Lucky.
You will be missed sweetie pie.
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He would let me hold him like that all day, his other favie position was the football carry, legs just a dangling. Isn't he a cutie?

You should see the lttle darling we got yesterday, Lucky would have liked him very much...spitfire....his name is Mr. Monkey.
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Awwww...I am sure that Lucky would be glad that Mr Monkey has come into your life.
Please share a photo in pics.
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I've said it before and I'll say it fur-ever -- that is THE CUTEST ICON IN THE WORLD!!!

Longingly, but not enviously,
Tarasgirl06 and crew
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