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Urgent prayers for Figaro needed please

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Figaro (our newest cat) has been really sick the past two days - moping, sleeping a lot, and as of last night, diarrhea/vomiting. I took him to the vet today, who kept him for tests. He called me back and told me he's really sick - he has jaundice "five fold" and they're keeping him overnight to give him a lot of fluids (he has a temperature of 104º) and start pushing antibiotics into his system. They're doing x-rays tomorrow to see if it's liver, gull bladder, or pancreas.

I've been doing research on the internet and he's got a 50/50 chance right now - they say this kind of thing can be fatal, but I've read in a lot of things that if caught early it can be fixed.

He's my little snuggle bunny and I love him to pieces - I've never had a cat so dependent on me...when I wake up in the morning he's there in bed with me, then follows me out of the bedroom to be held. He has to crawl into my lap and give me hugs and get headbutts before he'll let me start my day. So needless to say I'm not doing well...and Erik's in the field right now until Thursday, so I have to deal with this on my own.

Any prayers you can spare would be appreciated. I believe in the power of prayer and I pray that God is watching over my baby tonight, helping him get better.
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Prayers that Figaro gets better and beats this.

The girls are sending head butts.
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Feel better, precious Figaro! We're all praying for you.
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You must be going through hell right now. Warm loving headbuts and Figaro, get well quick licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Awww poor Figaro, it's a bummer to feel sick. Sending love and good thoughts from the Jellicle lair.
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Sending many prayers for your sweet boy and hugs for you.
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Oh Crystal

I will keep both you and Figaro in my thoughts and prayers
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Sending get well thoughts and vibes to sweet Figaro. I will pray for your sweet baby's recovery.
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May God and his Angels keep your baby in their hands and make him well.
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and prayers for you and Figaro. Get well, little man!
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Oh - poor sweet baby Figaro! I know how upsetting it is when a kitty is sick, particularly when it's that serious! Biggest of hugs to you and Figaro! Pull through little one - we're all praying for you!
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Oh no - poor little guy! I'll keep him in my thoughts for sure! Major vibes coming your way that whatever it is it's treatable and that he'll be OK!!!
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I'm sending lots and lots of get well vibes for the little guy Please keep us posted on how he's doing.
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Thank you so much, everyone...I'm counting down the minutes until I can go to bed so I can wake up and find out how he's doing.
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Prayers from us that Figaro will get better
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With this comes lots of good thoughts and prayers for Figaro.
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Sending many prayers to your sweet Figaro. I hope he feels much better soon.
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I'll be sending prayers for you & Figaro!
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((((vibes))) Keep us posted! I'm sending lots of prayers and vibes your way
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Aww sweeie I'm so sorry that Figaro is sick!! I'm sending tons of vibes and prayers your way! You'll be in my thoughts tonight, I hope tomorrow's news is good news!!
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You and Figaro are in my prayers.
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Sending lots of good vibes
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Any news yet? How's he doing???
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the poor little sweetie. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers that he'll be better soon! please keep us updated.
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Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, everyone - I know they're helping. I didn't sleep well last night - everytime I woke up I ended up praying he was okay until I fell asleep again.

The vet called me this morning and had me come in. He showed me his x-rays and he has a lot of gas in his colon and stomach. He still has a bit of a temperature, and and he still has jaundice caused by the excess bilirubin in his blood - they're trying to figure out what's causing that, he's down to his liver and gall bladder. They're doing an ultrasound later and he'll be calling me sometime after 4:00 to update me on what they find. They're checking his liver and sending out a few tests for that to rule out Fatty Liver Disease - but he said if that's what it is, it's easy to treat. Fig will be staying overnight again to get more fluids - they've been helping him a bunch. He ate last night and this morning, and he ate when I was there again. The doctor was very happy about that, he was worried they'd have to put in a feeding tube.

I got to see Figgy before I left back in the cage he was in and he looks so good compared to how he looked when he was here. His eyes were open (they've just been slits the past few days) and he looked at me when I was talking to him and then got up. He has a plastic booty on to keep the tube in, and it was cute to see him try to walk in it, he was very confused. Both of his legs are shaved, poor thing. He came over to me and started purring and tried to climb up on me - AWESOME sign. He hasn't wanted to hug me Saturday before he got sick. He started eating after he nuzzled me a bit and I took that opportunity to say bye and leave while he was distracted a bit.

I'm upset he couldn't come home with me today, but he's in excellent hands. I love our vet, he's the sweetest guy and he truly cares - I'm sad we're moving and we won't be able to go to him anymore.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. We're still not out of the woods yet, but we've made huge steps towards him getting better.
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I just saw this thread, I will keep Figaro in my thoughts and prayers, please keep us posted.
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Good that he is feeling some better! Keep getting well, Figaro!
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Sounds positive thus far - please do keep us posted!!!
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lots of vibes for a continued recovery {{{{{}}}}}}
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Alright, another update -- looks like Fig's got pancreatitis. During the ultrasound today everything else looked fine. We'll know for sure Friday-Monday when he gets the tests back.

The doctor says he can come home tomorrow, and that he's even perked up more tonight than he was when I saw him...so I'm happy. I hope him seeing me made him happier, rather than random stranger faces.

He'll be on meds for a bit until those test results come back and we see if he needs more or what...so he's not going to like that but at least he'll be home!

Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers, I know they helped him a bunch.
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