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Cute Ornaments

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Hey everybody I've been going crazy trying to find Kricket a 1st Christmas ornament that resembles her. (Call me crazy , all my animals have an ornament on my tree)

Well I thought I would do a search online and I came upon this absolutely adorable crafter who makes cat ornaments. She has premade ornaments in black & white, black, gray, calico, siamese, & white.

You can also request a special order. You just have to send a few pictures and give her all the details and she will get back to you about the whole process. Of course I just got done sending her the info about Kricket, now i'm just crossing my fingers that she can do it.

Heres her website

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Thanks for the web site!! I'm gonna check it out.
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Those are sooooo cute!!!

I want, I want, I want!! I'll have to wait till next year though since we're not having a tree this year, but I'll be saving this site...

They are so dang cute!
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Those are absolutely adorable!!!!
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Those are SO CUTE! I've been looking for an ornament for Anya too but have found none that really look like her.
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Oooohhh!!! thanks for reminding me! Chester's first christmas was last christmas and I got him a wooden ornament that looks just like him, guess i should start looking for one for Dynah now eh?
Those are so nice, I wish I could get one to Canada a bit easier.
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I couldnt be happier! Everything is purrrfect about this ornament. I hope more people will read this and check out this artist work because it is amazing. I now have my own personal Kricket ornament.

Just so you all remember what my little Kricket looks like heres a recent pic....

and TAAAAADDDDAAAAA heres the ornament...


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Wow, that's awesome!!!!!!!!! Oh man I want one now!!

Edit: Ok, I want 3 now...
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I'm impressed. Sign me up.
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That is fabulous!! I'll have to remember that site, because I collect kitty Christmas ornaments, and I try to get one that looks like each of my kitties each year. (Yes, I am obsessive!)
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That ornament is brilliant!! Thanks for the website,I'd just love to have all my cats on something like that and what a great present they would make
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Wow they did a great job. That ornament is perfect. I'm going to look into getting one. How long did it take from the time you placed your order, till you recieved it?
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thanks everyone for the compliments, it took about 10 days from the time I paid until I received the ornament
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I broke down and ordered one today. Yours turned out SOOO pretty, and I just couldn't find a premade ornament that I liked any better.

So I'm patiently awaiting my confirmation email.

I DID mention in my email that they were recommended by a member. Little shameless plug there.
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He He I did send her an e-mail letting her know I recieved my ornament and that I posted pics and her website on here. Told her I hoped to bring her some more business. They are awesome works of art, kinda wish I had more cats so I could get more

It did take her about 2 days for the confirmation e-mail so just be patient

Emily, I hope to see pics once you get yours.....I did send her a close up face shot, a long shot, and a shot of Krickets backside just so she could see the different colors that Kricket has.

I just cant wait to get the tree to put this ornament on now

FYI for delivery by Christmas place orders by Dec 15th.
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Originally Posted by FootersOwnsMe View Post
Emily, I hope to see pics once you get yours.....I did send her a close up face shot, a long shot, and a shot of Krickets backside just so she could see the different colors that Kricket has.
I sent her 3 photos too! One where the colors were "just right", one where the colors were "washed out", and one where they were "too dark". LOL I wonder if she gets crazed picky cat people emails a lot? Yours turned out so beautifully though. She does great work!
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That turned out fantastic!!!!!!!!
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It's here! And on the tree. It looks much better and detailed in person. Unfortunately the flash washed it out a little.

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Those are so cute! Just curious- what are they actually made out of? My husband and I were trying to figure that out based on the pictures on her site without much luck.
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They are very light, almost like its a paper mache type material, but they don't look poor quality like paper mache often can.
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