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I am truly a supporter of those who feed raw diets to their cats...I believe it's biologically appropriate, and what is nutritionally the best option for cats. However, I don't feed cats live happily on their kibble. I don't give them any people food, INTENTIONALLY. Now I know there are some morsels here and there that are safe and healthy for cats in moderation, I just don't do it...I feel better sticking to their regular meals alone.

That being said, Fergus has discovered the joys of dipping a furry white toe in a mug of warm hot chocolate, and lapping it off his feet. I don't let him do this...he'll do it if I leave a mug laying around for a minute. And Ripley likes a sliver or tuna now and again when I'm making tuna salad sandwiches. Captain Steuben would eat ANYTHING if you let him, but he isn't allowed to. My childhood Siamese cat, Simon, had some wierd people-food antics. My mom used to keep a cookie jar of Oreos on our kitchen counter, and Simon at some point would knock the lid off, and could be seen galloping at light speed down the hallway with an Oreo in his mouth. It was kind of a fetish, and it was pretty funny.