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Do you have a favorite commercial?

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I really enjoy the Purina commercial with the vet hearing music "Feelin' good, feeling fine!", while the puppy dances. Then the vet says, "It must be the puppy chow!" I smile every time I see it.
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I just love the block buster commercial with the guineepig (sp?) and bunny - it's just too funny!
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Originally posted by Hell603
I just love the block buster commercial with the guineepig (sp?) and bunny - it's just too funny!
Me too. I haven't seen the Purina commercial. I guess I need to watch more TV, lol.
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I really like the ReMax commercial where they say something about your house not being what you need anymore, and show about 10 kittens romping around this house, finally they all go running out the front door. Then they say something about finding the house that's just right for you, and show two beautiful Ragdoll adult cats in front of the Sold sign of the same house. I just have to "Awww!" every time I see it.

I like the other two that you guys mentioned, too. Have you seen the new Blockbuster one where the pig is adjusting the "rabbit ears" for reception of the picture out of their window. I about died laughing the first time I saw that!
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I just saw a funny one today. Not even sure what brand it was for because it was the first time I saw it.

It was a commercial about a new scoopable kitty litter. (for maximum useage).'s supper time and this one cat thinks he/she is in heaven because the other two are nowhere near when suddenly, the jug of kitty litter tips over and there are the two grinning right back at him/her. Well....I don't think I'm explaining it just right because I only saw it once but, it was definately cute!

The blockbuster commercials are the best!
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I love the one for Whiskas Temptations! This man is sitting at his table eating Temptations. He then says "These taste so good I just don't understand why there's a cat on the front of it!" Something along the lines of that anyway.
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I love the Bacardi Breezer ads over here - they star a silver tabby.....he goes out clubbing at night and sneaks in early in the morning... his owner see's hi looking kinda "groggy" in the morning, calls the doc.... she does the "paw test" on him... ie - lifts his paw and lets it drop.... its just too funny.. you really need to have seen the ad though!! :LOL:
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I think my current favorite would be for one of the brands of root beer displaying examples of "thick headed"...

Job interviewee continually (and jovially) refers to Co. Pres. as Mr. Dumbass until Pres. explains its pronounced "Du-mah". The look on the interviewee's face while asking if he's "Dumbass" material is great.

I believe they also have one with a (supposedly) recently married couple. The husband is shown revealing various escapades:

"Honey...there's lipstick on my shirt. It doesn't look like YOUR shade"

(reviewing credit bill) "$300 for a massage! I don't remember that"

(sitting in front of TV) "Honey...look at this...I'm watching the video of my bachelor party..."

Of course, I may have these confused a bit...

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Bill, those are hysterical.

I love the Blockbuster commercials too!

One that I really get a kick out of is the one for Sears where the wife is sitting in the kitchen in her robe and her husband comes downstairs opens the fridge and takes out the carton of milk. He then proceeds to take a drink and spews the milk out over the sink as the wife responds, "The refrigerator's broken."
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I completely forgot that one about the Sears Refrigerator! I laugh every time.

My Mom keeps telling me about a Bud Light commercial I have yet to see:

Something about a wife/gf/m-i-l asking a man to hold her Bud Light while she uses a Porta-toilet. Once inside, he gives it a bump with his hip sending her end-over-end down a hill!

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Rhea-I think I know what commercial you are talking about! Its hilarious!

One other commercial that I like is about some kind of liquor...I think. (Can't quite remember). Anyways, it shows an old lady sitting in a recliner watching t.v. and her cat is sitting on the floor next to her and all of a sudden the cat goes balistic and starts jumping up and down right in front of the t.v screen and trying to get whats on the screen. On the lady's tv is an ad for some kind of liquor or beer or something. That one always makes me laugh.

I also like one of the Volvo commercials. Its the one where a guy dressed in business clothes is sitting in the car talking on his cell phone to his wife (I think). And he isn't going anywhere. So he tells her that he doesn't know how long it will be until he gets home. At this point you are thinking that he is stuck in rush hour traffic on his way home. Then he honks the horn and it shows that he is in the Volvo factory sitting in the car on the assembly line and the guy who was working on his engine shuts the hood and just gives him this look. And then the guy looks embarrassed. I think that one is pretty funny. :laughing:
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Rhea, yes the Bicardi Breezer ads are wonderful - I love the expression on the cat's face. I read somewhere that they use a family of American cats - as UK cats have no sense of rhythm!!
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OMG, that Sears refrigerator one is great. Every time we see it, hubby says "that looks like something you would do."
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I like those thick headed commercials too! What a moron!!

There's one I like with the pregnant woman who can't reach her feet...I think it's for tide or something, only saw it once, but it was cute!
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I love all of the Molson Canadian "I am Canadian" beer spots.

I also love the ones "have you had Ex, today" - those are hilarious, and probably only in Canada.
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Ady, I like all the Molson ones, too!
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The Canadian ones are great! I have a t-shirt with the 'rant' on it from a couple of years ago.

I forgot the one about the Sears washing machine (it could have been dryer, I forget...) and the woman says to her husband, "Honey, I broke the washer" and he says "Well, how did you do that?" and she says "With a hammer" but she sounded all innocent. I guess you have to see it for it to make any sense...

edited: because of my lack of typing skills, lol...
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I remember that one! She deliberatley smashed up the washer so she could get a new one
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I really enjoyed the one with all the mobsters as they are filing into a bar, "HOW YOU DOIN'? HOW YOU DOIN'? Don't remember what it was for though.

One for Budweiser, I think, was where you saw a handful of cowboys looking like they are herding cattle but when they come over the ridge, there are like 10,000 cats trying to be herded instead. LMAO at that commercial!!!!

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Here's the commercial you were talking about Whisky's Dad!

Cat Herding

This commercial is very FUNNY!!
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We have a series of commercials over here made by Whiskas (a cat food company) where a mouse does outrageous things to try and get a cat's attention but the Cat likes his Whiskas 'Vita-Bites' so much, he completely ignores him. So far, the mouse has rapped to music pumped from his own boom box,right near the cat, shot spitballs through a straw at the cat, played the bagpipes (VERY BADLY) and, my personal favourite, bungy jumped from the curtain rail into the cat's water bowl - with a very funny twist at the end. You can download and watch the commercials here. As I said, my favourite is the WHISKAS Bungy Jumping Mouse TV Commercial. It's VERY funny!
:laughing: :laughing2
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I get a kick out of the commercials for the Turner Classic Movies (TCM channel). The one with the 2nd and 3rd graders performing Ben Hur is funny...I love when the little boy with the whip (who's using it on Ben Hur) does his little cough with his tongue sticking out. And when another kid pretends to be trampled beneath a toy rocking horse, I always crack up.

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