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Look what happened in my apartment complex yesterday...

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Okay we have been in this complex about six months our lease is over. However we planned to move into a 1 bedroom in the same complex. Anyway there is this couple and they fight all the time and drive recklessly when they fight. The lady that did this always screeches out in her suv when her and her "fiance" fight. BS. At 7:30am yesterday morning my boyfriend and I were were awaken by her screeching out. Next thing I know she crashes in my bfs car and into the townhouse's kitchen next door to us. Turns out this lady was drunk she got arrested and everything I hope they get evicted.

Photos Below!

His car was in the parking spot, she pushed through his car and another one and got onto the curb and into the town houses kitchen.

This is the final damage. He has insurance so we are not to worried about it.

Im just glad no one got hurt, however I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. There were lots of cops and lots of people watching and shocked. It was a crazy day.
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GOOD LORD! What a mess!
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OMG! Can you imagine how fast she must have been going? She crashed into someone's kitchen for crying out loud. Stupid beeotch!! Hope she goes to jail, and boy, they better get evicted for this. It's amazing noone was hurt.
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OMG, what a mess.....I am so glad no one got hurt. Oh my goodness. Get out while you can.
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WOW! That's just slightly insane! Thank god nobody was in the kitchen in that townhouse!
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My boyfriend is thinking about writing our apartment managers a letter about getting those tenants evicted.

It is truly amazing no one got hurt. DUI's are serious serious things to deal with!
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Originally Posted by GirlSetsFiyah View Post
WOW! That's just slightly insane! Thank god nobody was in the kitchen in that townhouse!
The lady in the town house said she was glad her daughter was not in the kitchen because she likes to sit there and write. Their kitchen table was in pieces!!!
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Good Grief!
I'm glad that no one was hurt.

The drunk's insurance will pay for the repair on you BF's car...
if she has insurance.

They certainly should be evicted...
she could have killed someone.
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Man, those people should not exist!!!! People are killed because of them. I say you sue their asses off in small claims court and their insurance. Claim whatever you can, pain and suffering, trauma, can't work, dizziness, can't drive, can't ride an SUV anymore...etc. So they know not to do it anymore.....

Oh, and sue the complex for allowing this to happen. So they will be more careful next time. Also, make sure your building is still safe to live in. It could have damaged the frame of the unit and in turn affects you. You don't want to fall through the floor when taking a shower....
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OMG!!! SOme people should not be allowed to drive at all.
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That is CRAZY!! They better get evicted.
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Being evicted should be the least of her problems!!
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I have no sympathy for drunk drivers, either. I'm so glad no one got hurt or killed, yikes!
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OMG! Lucky no one was killed!!!!

She should be in jail for what happened... DUI, reckless endangerment, destruction of property and probably more!

If the building is attached to yours, there is probably structural damage done to the whole building. An impact like that doesn't just cause destruction in the area, the impact causes vibrations like an earthquake that can cause problems elsewhere.

Glad to hear that you are safe and no one was hurt.
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I hope they keep that crazy woman behind bars!
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Drunk at 7:30 in the AM.....CRAZY!!! Glad no one was hurt!
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Glad noone was hurt and glad noone was on the walk way near the townhouse and yep evictions should be the least of her concerns
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I know eviction should be the least of their concerns... but I still can't believe how crazy some people are!
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Oh My!!!!!
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That is HORRIBLE! I hope she gets everything she deserves.....
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And I thought we had bad neighbors! I'm glad no one was hurt and I'm sure they'll be evicted. My neighbors were and their worst offense was loud music and not cleaning up their dogs' poop.
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that is totally crazy. I agree with the idea to write a letter to the landlord, that mentions this is not the first time you have noticed her erratically driving, and it is clearly escalating more and more out of control, and you as residents feel your place of living should be a safe and healthy environment etc.
Then get EVERYONE to sign it.
so insane.
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I would get her insurance to pay for that damage, not your boyfriends. She needs to be taught a VERY GOOD Lesson about screeching, drunk driving and well, be courteous to others. Having a license is a priviledge, not a right.

If she doesn't pay up, I would get a lawyer on her.
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Oh my goodness! What a horrible person!
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Holy crap!! What a mess!! I think they should get kicked out.....if not, the landlord is NUTS!!
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Well boyfriends car got towed today. He says his insurance is going after hers!

My boyfriend talked to one of the maintenance men and he said they were getting EVICTED! YES!!!

He also said she was released at 4pm saturday. I think she was taken around 9:30ish 10 o clock. 7 hours is really not long enough to be in jail!
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That is good them people are getting out. What a mess they made there sending you some good vibes that things work out for you and your BF Yes they should of been in jail longer than 7 hours. That just dont seem fair that peoples cars and apts got smashed up and they get 7 hours thats it ))GOOD VIBES((
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That is wild...thank God you all didn't get hurt!!
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wow thats not good
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thats really too bad maybe she has a trial upcoming though???...
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