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Eye problem,,

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Hello, Missy has watery looking stuff coming from her eye. It also looks irritated around it and she acts like it is bothering her. The other day I cleaned a big piece of black stuff off the inside corner of the same eye. Does this sound like she has something in there or maybe got clawed in the eye by one of the other cats? For some reason Rusty has been mean to her lately and attacks her for no reason. I will call the vet first thing Monday. I can try and call this morning but they normally won't see them last minute on Saturday mornings. Should I be worried about a infection if the discharge is clear?
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Sadie had a bacterial infection in her eye recently.
Where she got it I will never know.
She is an indoor only kitty.
Her vet treated it with antibiotic ointment for 7 days and it cleared up.

It is important that you have your vet check Missy's eye.
Like you, we can only guess about what the problem might be.
Let us know what you find out.
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I called the vet and they are going to see her this morning in a couple hours, so I won't have to wait till Monday.
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That is great....
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I just got home with Missy, the Dr looked at her eye close and put in some green stuff and looked at it with a special light and didn't see anything wrong. She wonders if she just got poked in the eye fighting with one of the other cats. She said if it keeps acting up to bring her back in. It looks good to me now compared to what it looked like early this morning.
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That is good news...
I am glad that you took her in.
Better safe than sorry.
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Missy's eye looked bad again this morning so I called the vet and they gave me some stuff for it. I have to put a drop or 2 in her eye twice a day for a week. My wife who is a nurse said it looks like pink eye in a person. I don't know if cats can get pink eye also?
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Sadie's vet called her eye problem conjunctivitis,
the same as human pink eye if the cause is bacterial.
She was treated with a topical antibiotic, 3 x day for 7 days.
Sadie's eye cleared up with no added problems.

Be sure to use the medication as directed and watch her eye closely.
If it re-occurs, you will need to take her back to see her vet.

Good luck...
Let us know how Missy is doing.
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One of my cats gets runny eyes when her allergies act up. It's especially noticeable when the weather changes or a cold front blows through. I give her L-Lysine to help and so far, we've had no infections. Is it possible that your girl has some kind of allergies?

In addition to giving her drops, use a warm damp cloth to wipe off the gunk and any dried on crusties. This really feels good to them!

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Hi Stephanie, She just has the problem in one eye. It worse than just a watery eye. I can see that it hurts her. She shakes her head and has her eye half closed allot of the time. The skin around it is getting all pink looking also. The discharge is clear but thicker than water. The vet said the med should help in a couple days. She seemed real sure the med will fix her up in no time.

I have been cleaning the junk off her face with a damp cloth, she seems to understand I am trying to help her, so she don't fight me to much.
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Conjunctivitis is as common in cats as it is in people, and it does sound from the description as if that is what your cat has, especially since it's just one eye affected.

I had to treat Radar for conjunctivitis not long ago, it cleared up fine within a few days although he didn't enjoy having the antibiotic cream put in his eye! He did enjoy the treat he got afterwards though, so it wasn't too bad
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We are starting to wonder if there is more going on than just her eye. She is acting hungry all the time like when she had a tooth problem before. Yvonne said she was sneezing tonight and I hear her coughing sometimes. Her eye looks much better tonight though. I have to put drops in her eye, I figured that would be easier than getting the other stuff in it. I think I am going to take her in as soon as I can for a good checkup just to make sure there isn't other problems.
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Hi again, the drops cleared up Missy's eye in no time, but now the other one has the same problem. I still have some of the mediaction left so I have been treating the other eye the last couple days.
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Good luck, I hope it all clears up soon! I'm sure it's obvious, and you probably do, but if you touch even her face near her weepy eye, wash your hands straight afterwards so it doesn't spread back to here other eye, or to other cats
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I was worried about that after we figured out what the problem was. I was afraid I would give myself pink eye.
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Mattie had a problem like that with clear discharge from her eye. Our vet said she has herpes. He tried three kinds of ointment, but Mattie's eye didn't improve much until we started her on L Lysine two times a day. I crush a 500 mg. tablet with a pill crusher and mix it in a little Meow Mix wet food. Then she eats her dry food. Her eye is better, no more problems. It took several months to get past the problem. The lysine helped more than the ointments.
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Hi, Missy's eyes both seem fine now, but I am watching her close to see if the problem comes back.
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