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Moggie Mixes -- what's in your cat's family line?

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I think Abi ( Abigail Adams) is her full name has some abyssinian in her: the ear tufts, the black rim around her amber eyes, the cleopatra eye makeup, the ticked fur and of course her athletic ways. Then I see some sort of medium haired alley cat in her. Her quiet, cunning and curious ways seem very burmese. she has more oriental cat in her than others I have seen. I know this is just guessing but what about your kits? Take a guess and make sure we have a good pic.
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I know there is Angora in Ari's. His mom is an Angora. He got his dad's short hair.

As for Topaz - though her dark colors may indicate a siamese somewhere.

Or else aliens dropped her off...
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
As for Topaz ...
Or else aliens dropped her off...
She does have a phenomonal coat.
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Vet speculates that Ivory (given her looks and size) has some Ragdoll in her.
Really no clue on Cassi, she most closely resembles a Tonkinese though.
All three boys have some very Oriental features, and Spaz is of course a purebred NFC, albeit a very poor specimen of her breed.
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I've always wondered what Quill could be or have in him. He mostly resembles a Siberian, but who knows?
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Loki is a black tabby - so who knows! But he's my sweet baby! Jacob is a Russian blue, but his top coat is long, so there has to be something else in there!
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I have no idea what's in mine (of course), or even enough to speculate beyond obviously Bobby is descended from Molly (he's her son, so no mystery there!) and that there is a chance Bobby and Talin are related through the male line (similar coat, similar personality, born in same territory).

Only Sláine has any really notable features - her coat is extraordinary, even our vet adores it (she pets and pets Sláine so much when we bring Sláine in). It's the softest coat I've ever felt on a cat, bar purebred (pet quality) Burmese.

Feel free to throw ideas at me though, if anything jumps out from my sig. It's always nice to speculate.
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Six of mine are common DSH. Kolohe, Stumper, Torty and Tiggy are half siblings, same mom of course. Stumper and Torty are litter mates. Eric and Fluffy are related to them somehow, I'm just not sure how. Fluffy is different in appearance from the others. His hair is longer, he has a full tail and fur tufts between his toes. I think I know who the mother was and she was not like that so those traits probably came from his father. Palekana is one of the DSH kitties but she is not related to the others. I found her outside my workplace in another town.
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Kandies mother was a Tortishell short hair who I guess was about 15 to 16 lean lbs... He dad was a local ...

Zoey is suspisioned to have bengal... her glitter coat the rabbit like feeel of her pelt type coat... her personality and the none alike bullseyes she developed... oh and the fact the sleep is only an accsory in her world
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Velvet- black dsh- we think she may have some bombay or oriental in her
Isabella- odd eyed Turkish Angora- she's a purebreed with papers (rescued)
Jasmine- Torti-Point Siamese
Abilene- tiger tabbie - I don't have a clue what she's mixed with, but she's cute!
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I haven't really any idea since all four have been rescues without any papers but one can only assume.

Sphinx (RB) (DSH) - possibly was a siamese/ Russian blue mix or something close. He had the silvery tips and personality of the RB and the Siamese meow, stroll, and build.
Kuce (DMH) - Possibly Turkish Van somewhere. Her color pattern and her soft fur as well as her tolerance for water.
Luvbug (DLH) - definitly a moggie but maybe some Maine Coon and Siamese (our vet thought).
Lil' Jag (DLH) - definitly a Persian mix (Perhaps a grandparent) (Again our vets guess). She has the coat texture and a small muzzle similiar to a doll-face Persian.
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Oh I don't even know with most of mine. I think Pwne is pure alien no question about it she is here to study our people and report back to to motherplanet No she probably has some oriental in her, blue eyes, lynx point, I don't know.

Anyways, Eliott is a Himalayan/Persian

The black cats are just weird black cats. My one friend is convinced all black cats are Bombays which I know isn't true, I didn't have the heart to tell her, her being so "knowledgable" about cats

Kinks is purebred alley cat

Bowie is a chubby little Russian Blue looking kitty. She has short legs, a tiny head, rode thin tail and a chunky round body.
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I forgot about Willoughby. Everyone says he is a bobcat hehe even the vet But he may be Manx/Maine Coon. Huge and tailess with monster paws and ear tufts.
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I have 6 cats pedigree ... Gpops goes back 35 years! Stevie and Reecie's go back 12 generations, Dodo is their daughter. Donny and Lou's go back 5 generations. Tuah is a recued Aby, my vet has his papers but wont give them to me for fear that I would attack the previous owner for dumping him in such a pitiful condition. He was dumped with what we thought was a Sphynx until his coat grew back - he turned out to be a blue Cornish rex!!

Now as for my DSHs - uuummm, I donno - my mom picked the mommy up from the wet market and I suspect that the daddy is the roving romeo DLH!

Doesn't matter what the pedigrees long as you love em, that's all that matters!
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8-Bit looks like a Russian Blue, but I know for a fact that his mother was a moggie. Scratch on the other hand was most likely a moggie Maine Coon mix. The rescue that adopted him out said they found him on a street where a known BYB of Maine Coons lives, so we can surmise that someone got to their queen and she dumped the kittens.
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Simon - They told me he was pure persian but I have no papers

Max and Mocha - have a siamese somewhere

Sampson - They say he has to have siamese because of his blue eye but
he's all white. so who knows

Vanna- is the sister to Sampson and she has the Turkish van markings.

Tigger, Pooh and Trouble - beautiful moogies

Mia - she is mix of alien, cheetah, wild child, spice, and anything else she
can be!
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Pure 100% Chicago alley cats. Raphael goes on and on like a Siamese, but that's about the only thing that screams "breed" to me. And let's not forget...our moggies' fancy pants cousins got their traits first and foremost from standard breeds, not the other way around.

Except for Gracie. She's a hurricane rescue. I don't know what her story is before a year ago. She has a flat-ish face and big eyes that has this "I'm a badly bred purebred probably sold by a BYB" look to her, but it could really be anything.
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I got my kittens from a probable BYB (didn't know at the time! was BYB clueless!). She said they have a 1/2 bengal dad, and Tilly has a 1/2 bengal mum, and Archie a 1/2 Aby mum. After finding this site I took everything with a hefty pinch of salt but Tilly is turning out very Bengal- fur type, colours, a couple of rosettes amongst the spots and of course, energy. Archie - i have no idea, I'm inclined towards Abyish, but I don't think they come in ticked blue. He does have the 2 tone coat. And lets throw in a bit of alien for the hell of it
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Mica and Mala are plain ol' DSH (albeit gorgeous ones in my humble opinion)
Sam looks exactly like a Birman, but I couldn't imagine somebody just dumping a purebred cat like that.
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Our lot are pure DSH, and I would not care to speculate what the components of that are in the case of Suzy or Cindy, though Cindy has a pretty lush coat, even though it's short -- maybe that's an indicator of something, or maybe it's not.

Fawn, though of the same mother as Cindy, almost certainly had a different daddy, and we've wondered if somebody's unaltered purebred _______ got out one day and had some fun before he was found and ushered home. Speculations about the ______ are Snow Bengal, based on colour and, to some extent, markings, and energy level; or Tonkinese, based on personality and energy level, and to a lesser extent on vestiges of points, and her ice blue eyes.

Whatever. It would be fun to know their heritage, but it doesn't change who they are or how much they are loved.
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Our girls are plain DSH At the shelter they said because of her big pointy ears, Stumpy was a lynx point DSH but I don't really know what lynx point is...

Lily has a long, lean Siamese like body, but a rounded head. She's just a pretty DSH.
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Dianna and Annie are "Western Barn Cat" Shadow we think is part couch potatoe. and Holly everyone swears is part dog. For one thing she is HUGE; 18 1/2 lbs and 18" at the shoulder. Holly will heal just like a dog, loves to work in the garden, will sit right beside you while you work and follws you all over the yard
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Eve has some Oriental or Siamese in her.

Lily is pure wood pile kitty. Not your "average" stray kittens, many are found in backyard wood piles and are identified this way at the shelter for some reason. There were several wood pile litters there when I adopted her.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Our lot are pure DSH, and I would not care to speculate what the components of that are in the case of Suzy or Cindy, though Cindy has a pretty lush coat, even though it's short -- maybe that's an indicator of something, or maybe it's not.

Rapunzel: your cats are absolutely beautiful .
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Most people think Sheba has some Persian in her. She has a beautiful smokey black coat with white roots.

Gypsy has a shortish tail and very soft fur, so I joke that she's part bunny.

Gracie... she's half-cat, half-cow.
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Willie is aprt mouse! He looks so mousey! I'm serious. We call him mouse sometimes!!

Well, I'd have to say, even though Willie is just a tabby from the shelter, I difinitely think he has some Siemese in him! He has the face, and the body structure, but just a little!
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Originally Posted by Abigail View Post
Rapunzel: your cats are absolutely beautiful .
I think so -- but I'm not biased or anything.. Thanks!
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