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Spawn Is Home!!!!!

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SHE'S HOME!!!! SHE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I am crying so hard I can't hardly see to type, but she's home and she's safe and she's hungry and eating all her food! Oh thank God!!! Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts and positive energy and advice! You guys are the best!!!!!

I went outside and started calling for her, just like I had been doing, but I faced that field where the lady said she might have seen her. I was about to give up, but thought I'd call just one more time, and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye... and then heard a little mew, and I knew it was her!!!
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Oh my gosh! Jin, I am sooo happy for you!!!! I have been thinking of you and Spawn all day and hoping so hard that she would make an appearance. It is so wonderful that she is back home safe and sound in her Mommy's arms where she belongs!!!
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Oh Praise the Lord Jin!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!I am so happy and excited for you!! Keep her safe and close, depending on what has happened to her outside, they do sometimes get a little shocky the next day when they realize they are finally safe!!! I am so THRILLED for you! Hoo Ray!!!!!!!!!
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Whew! Too much suspense, this week: Debby's baby, missing kitties. We need a break!

I'm glad that Spawn is home, safe and sound.
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Jin, that's WONDERFUL!!!!!! I'm sooooo glad Spawn is safely back home where she belongs!!!!!
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I was so glad to sit down at the computer, and saw your post first thing. That made my day! Give Spawn a scratch on the ears for me!
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Hooray, Jin! I logged into the Lounge first thing to see if there was any news about Spawn. I am so happy and relieved for you!

:blubturq: :blubturq:
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I don't think either one of us slept last night. She wanted to be right on my chest, or hair, or head, and I didn't want to stop petting her because the sound of her purr is just the sweetest thing in the world right now! She hasn't left my side, and that's quite fine with me. We're making up for lost snuggle time!

It looks like the only damage done is a broken rear 'toenail' that bled a bit when it happened, and looks sore right now, but if that's all the injury she's sustained, I think we can both live with it!

The S/O couldn't understand why I was crying when I found her. I just couldn't quite explain it was because I was so happy and relieved!
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Isn't it great when our prayers are answered? That's both of them safe and sound and in the middle of a real love fest. Thank the Lord. He knows every sparrow that falls and every kitty that's lost! I'm so happy for you!
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What a week filled with blessings and happy endings.

I am soooo happy she came home.

At times,...with prayers, come miracles.
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What a relief for both of you. I am glad she is home and safe. I was really getting worried.
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That's so great, Jin!!! I shed a tear of relief when I read those big tall words, she's home! Don't tell your S/O!!
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Yay! I'm so happy for you Jin! :flash:
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I just saw this! Forget about my other post! This is the BEST news I have had today!
Snuggle little Spawn for me, will ya?
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WOOHOO! I almost cried when I read this too! FANTSATIC! I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad she heard your cries and finally came home! I hope you gave her a stern talking too about giving mommy the worries!(after the snuggles though!)
I'm glad everything worked out for the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jin! What wonderful news! Thank goodness she's all right! You must be sooo relieved! :flash:
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I'm so relieved to hear she's home.
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Yay, Jin!!!!


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I am so glad she is home where she belongs! Give her a snuggle for me!
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Gee. Adrienne. Couldn't you find a big smiley?
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Oh Jin, I'm so glad Spawn came home to mommy. I got a little teary when I read this, so I guess it must be a chick thing. S/O just has to accept it as such. Sounds like you missed each other just about the same amount. Add an extra snuggle for her from me, Trent and Ophelia.
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Thanks for sharing my joy!

Spawn is doing well, just a bit skittish. She hasn't been very hungry, but judging by the litter box her insides are okay... no blood or anything like that in there, and she's definately 'going'.

I've given her extra snuggles from everyone, and extra snuggles from me, too!
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
Gee. Adrienne. Couldn't you find a big smiley?
Do you want bigger?

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Oh, thank God ! I am so glad she's home. I was late in on this thread, but I think all of us here can relate to the feelings of your worst nighmare and total panic. Unfortunately you had to live the experience that all of us dread. I am just soooooo relieved that you and Spawn are together again. I am also over the moon that Spawn is healthy and no long term damage has been done. Keep up with the snuggles from everyone...Spawn ( and you ) deserve it !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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You got me, Adrienne! Well Spawn deserves a big smiley!
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How are you and Spawn doing? I was so glad to hear she was ok after the big adventure!
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Oh Jin - that's BRILLIANT news!

It's like the siamese cat in Incredible Journey, coming back to those that love it.

I too had a little tear in my eye, because as with everyone else, you went through the horror that we all dread in our heart of hearts.

Sounds also as if young Spawn really missed you too.
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Jin I'm SO glad she's home and safe!! you must be sooo relieved!!!! HOORAY!!
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Jin; WHAT INCREDIBLE JOY YOU MUST BE FEELING! : I am so relieved that Spawn is safe.

Hugs and Purrs;
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I almost cried when I read this, too, and I didn't even know Spawn had been missing! She must have been missing while I was in the hospital. I am sorry I missed it, but it sounds like you got alot of good prayers, and I am SO happy to hear she is home, all safe and sound! Give her a hug from me!!!
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