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Hi all, new to this site so here goes. . . . I currently have seven cats, Chloe, Callie, Cletus, Cagney, Jasper, Domino and Leon. I also foster cats for my local Humane Society and currently have Caprice, Annabel, Ambrosia, Liza and Whitman. Can't imagine not having little furry feet running all over the place. Oh yea, I also have a dog, Malachi. Thank goodness he gets along with cats but I can tell he doesn't like the canine to feline ratio. Everytime I bring in another one, he gives me a look like, "Here she comes with another one." Then he just gives in and accepts them too.
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Hi! Welcome to TCS. I am also in NC, the eastern side.
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Welcome! You really are an animal lover, aren't you? You should have some great stories to tell about your family's antics! It sounds as though there's never a dull moment.
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Welcome to the site! And bless your heart for being a foster for kitties in need. You certainly have your kitty-fur-covered angel wings.

I look forward to getting to know you and all of those furries you have better. Happy posting!
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Welcome!! I'm new here myself but everyone has been a God send to me! You will have lot of support here! And everyone feels like family!!
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Nice to have you and your furry family at the Cat Site.

Hope to hear lots more stories about your kitties - owned and fostered - as well as PICTURES!!

We LOVE pictures . . .
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What sweet names you have given your furballs. I bet you do have so really good stories to tell...I'm looking forward to your pics, too!
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