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Cat petting

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I have a male fixed cat about 10 months old. He is a great cat. The question I have is why when we pet him his hind end goes up? We had a female cat before and she never this. I'm guessing its because he a male cat?

Thanks for your input!
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I recently researched this recently because my 5 month old male does the same thing. Turns out that he is inviting you to smell his anal glands - it's something cats do to other cats when they like them, LOL!!!

(I don't recommend sniffing their behinds, though. )
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My cat is female (spayed) and she does it too. Sometimes she will get on my huby when he is laying back in his recliner and put her butt in his face. Silly cat. Even sillier hubby who puts up with it!
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All my cats do that and all that I have ever had to it too except my moms weird Himalayan.
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Most cats I've know do that. Both of mine now do. It's funny cuz I'll be petting them and they'll get ready to snuggle down and all I have to do it pet their butts and their back on their feet. Wickett also like to be "spanked". Like you would pat a dogs back... he loves it.
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I never knew that was the reason
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