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FANTASTIC NEWS! Congratulations Debby and Happy birthday Amber!
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Well done, Debby! Congratulations to both you and Brent. So glad that little Amber is finally here!

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Congratulations Debby! Welcome to the world, Amber.

We demand pictures as soon as possible.
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Congratulations Debby, and Happy Birthday Amber!

from Bea, baby Katie (when she was 4 hours old), and

Esme :teddy:
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Go away for a week and look what happens!!!

Welcome to the world, Amber!!

Congratulations Debby and family!

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CONGRATULATIONS ! to Debby and Brent, WELCOME, Amber . . . .

Love and Best Wishes to all.

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Wow, I think I missed a lot on my mini-vacation. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amber Danielle...that's a beautiful name. You're very lucky to have been blessed like this.
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hi, I am one of Debby's friends. She asked me to post a message to update everyone on how they are doing. Debby is up and moving. Very slowly, but considering everything she has been through she is doing great. The original plan was for Debby and Amber to get home sometime today (sunday). Plans have changed. Debby's blood preasure went way up. The doctor suspected toxemia, so she is on blood pressure pills and extra monitoring. The good news is from all of this her spirits are still good, and Amber is great. She has the sweetest little face and lots of dark brown hair. Brent has spent almost everynight with them, sleeping in a very uncomfortable looking chair. They are hoping to be released Monday at around noon as long as her blood pressure drops. If not then they will be looking at Tuesday.
She wanted me to tell everyone Hi, and she will have pictures to share when she gets home and has a better routine going with her and Amber. She doesn't want anyone to worry, just give alot of prayers that her blood pressure goes down so she can get home. Both the girls have wonderful doctor's, and they are in the best hospital the state has for children and new mom's.
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I am thinking about her and Amber. Please let her know I am sending prayers her way.
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Thank you for updating us. I am sending prayers and positive energy to Debby and Amber!!!!
Get plenty of rest while you still can Debby!!!!!
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Please let Debby know that prayers are flying for her from Oregon, and give her a gentle hug when you see her.
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Here is to a speedy recovery, Debby!! Hurry home so we can chat!

Love to Amber too, I can't wait to see photos!!
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Bless her heart! It's a shame things didn't go as smoothly as we wanted for her, but I'm glad Amber is here and Debby's in good spirits. Debby has to take it easy for a while; make sure she knows that! Give her my love and prayers.
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Thanks for the update Shannon,

I am hoping Debby's B-pressure will go down anytime and she'll be home soon.

Please give her and Amber a ((((()))))hug from me.
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Debby - I hope you are feeling better soon! Take your time settling in with Amber!
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Thank you for the update Shannon. Tell Debby to rest up and that I hope she feels better. Its great to know that they are both doing well. I hope that Debby's blood pressure will go down soon so she can go home and relax.
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Shannon, thanks for the update.

Kids don't, usually raise your blood pressure, until they're teenagers!
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Katl8e writes: "Kids don't, usually raise your blood pressure, until they're teenagers."


SHANNON: Thanks so much for the update. It's very nice of Debby to be thinking of us with so much excitement going on. Positive energy to Debby, Amber and Brent... and best wished for them to get home safely and happily ASAP.
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Thanks for the update again. Warm thought going out to Debby. We have seen that this board can work magic, so lowering blood pressure should be a piece of cake!
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Congratulations to Debby and a warm welcome to Amber ( what a lovely name)

My thoughts are with you both

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Hi!! I am of 4pm today. This is my first chance online...I will start a new thread to tell you how everything went!

Thanks for all the well wishes and congrats!! You guys are the greatest!!! And thanks shannon for posting that for me!!

I have a couple pics to show...I will go start a new thread...unless Amber wakes up again!!!!
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Hi Debby!! Welcome home! How are you feeling???
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Welcome home Debby and Amber.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady & Sammy
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Welcome home, Debby & Amber!
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