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Has a religious fued wrecked your family?

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I was reading another thread about how far your family live from you and it got me thinking about mine.
My family are totally divided because of religon.
All my family were brought up in a religon and as we got older and wiser we soon got out of there asap. Me, my mum and sister (who were actually kicked out of the religon for being "bad") and my brother are no longer part of it and are treat like 'black sheep'. We are ignored, only spoken to in emergency situations. How sad is that.
'Love your neighbour', my backside. If thats how they treat family God knows how they treat they neighbours.

I totally respect those with religous beliefs, I try not to offend people by blatenly doing something they disapprove of, like swearing , smoking etc. So why can't the religous ones act the same way and repect how we choose to live our lives.

What do you reckon?
Anyone else with a similar problem with family.
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One side of my family is Southern Baptist....the other side is Jewish. i'll leave it at that lol. Although each side disagrees on a lot of religious details....when it comes down to it- we all love each other and try to be understanding
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Strange this thread came up..the other night I had a heated dispute with my sister about religion..She tries to push her beleifs on me..and I try to tell her over and over that people should find their own true beliefs and they cannot be pushed upon you...She won't listen..she just keeps praying that I'll find my way
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Oh yes! One of my father's sisters is a self-proclaimed "devout Roman Catholic", but she is one the most un-Christian women I've ever met. She is constantly spreading rumors about other family members (ie, started saying my cousin was an alcoholic once he got a night job bartending, and started another one about another cousin doing cocaine, etc etc) and trying to split the family apart.

She is such a hypocrite, trying to point out that others aren't "perfect" and how they should go to Church as much as she does. However, with her favorite niece, who DOES COCAINE, she turns a blind eye! And with her husband, who was arrested for a DWI and calling the cop the n-bomb? Seems like she completely forgot about THAT one!

I could go on and on.
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We don't have that problem, but maybe just to help you deal with those who are pushy and/or hypocritical 1) Nobody's perfect, even the "religous"(though I consider my relationship with God personal, not just "religous") , and 2) The proof is in the pudding- if it's true, they will strive to live it, and it will show. Don't worry about the ones who don't- they certainly don't represent those of us who are trying , and those of us who try (however imperfectly , will continue to pray for them -maybe they just have some growing to do. And remember, if (most)of them didn't care about you, they wouldn't say anything.

Just tell them that if you saw something in them that made you think you'd be better off believing the way they do, it might be different; but you don't.
Let them get serious and a little introspective for a while- maybe they will leave you alone and get their own act together before coming back to you about it again. That kind of statement is one that would get my attention, and I hope I never hear it- I would feel like I had failed being the witness (in what I say and how I live my life) God wants me to be.

There is a verse in the Bible about getting the log out of your own eye first... before trying to get the splinter out of someone else's .
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Let's see. My family, which is in part Irish/English/German, has both Protestants (Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist) and Roman Catholics with roots in Ulster, and many of them are religious bigots. We also have Jews (Reform and Hassidic), Muslims (Shi'ite and Sunni), Buddhists, Mormons, Christian Scientists, Friends, Eastern Orthodox, Shintoists, Atheists, Agnostics.... No Hindus or Sikhs, as of yet (or Scientologists, if you consider Scientology a religion), but I figure that's only a matter of time. Quite frankly, I'm allergic to religion - it's become a matter of self-preservation in my family. We've already got all races covered, so all religions should be covered within the next generation or two!
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No, but only because my family doesn't know our beliefs are different. I'm religious, but not as religious as my southern Baptist parents who read the Bible every night before bed. Not that I think that's bad, but its just not me. I'm much less conservative.

We lie to my parents to avoid conflict and tell them that my husband is religious and Christian, when in fact he's agnostic.
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