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Throwing up....hairball?

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Hi all. Noodles has thrown up a few times the past few days. Mostly just a little bit of almost whole food. Well tonight, just after eating some delicious smelling (not!) canned food, she threw up realllly good...of course on the living room carpet.

I noticed something in it so I got down to look with the flashlight. There was a good size hairball in it. My first thought when I saw how she threw up the other day was that a hairball might be trying to work up. So do you think that maybe what that was all about? As soon as she throws up she's as happy as could be, so she doesn't seem sick.

The real fun part of it all was when I was using the flashlight to look Mooch thought we were playing (she loves to chase the light) and stepped right in it! Can we all say eeeeew!
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That is usually the problem when one of mine is pukey. Like something gets caught and makes them hurl....
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It sounds as if her hairball was just cought in her throat the other night and she was trying to vomit it up (i know that sounds nasty!). What i'd suggest in the future if you notice that she has a problem with hairballs is switching her food to a formula specifically designed to reduce hairballs. Also, be sure to brush her daily and once a week or so put just a pinch of petroleum jelly on the tip of her nose- (it's non-toxic). She will lick the vasoline off and it helps coat her tummy and reduce hairballs. Good luck sweetie- pm me if you have any more questions ok. Also, if she continutes to vomit, please give her some pedialyte (childrens fluid replcement) from a dropper so that she doesn't loose bodily fluids and get dehydrated- once you've done that, call the vet and take her in to rule out intestinal blockage from furballs or anything else she may have ingested. I think she should be ok right now though- but keep an eye on her. If she vomits anymore- call your vet/ (I don't hang out in this thread a ton- i'm usually in the cat lounge- so if you want to get a quick reply out of me, send me a pm!) / Oh, and one more thing- no more soft food for right now until her stomach is settled. Instead, boil a little bit of chicken and plain white rice and offer that to her- it's bland and won't hurt her stomach.
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Thanks....she seems fine now. She's been drinking at her fountain and being her usual self...but I'll be watching her over the next few days.
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I'm glad she is looking on now Keep us posted on that sweet little kitty!
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