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English ragdoll kitten

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I have a half English half American Ragdoll cat who is 10 months now and is already almost 11 pounds. I have just adopted a 16 week old pure English Raggie the other day. I just assumed all ragdolls were alike in looks etc. My new kittten is so very tiny as opposed to Ollie when he was 13 weeks when we brought him home. My new breeder did say that the English were alot smaller as kittens and not as attractive as the American type. He just seems underweight and so scrawny. I have tried looking up on the internet about pure english rgdolls but can't find anything. I am just worried as I don't think he should be so small for 16 weeks. Thanks in advance.

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From what I understand, Old English Ragdolls are a little more petit than the standard Ragdolls. It will vary depending on who you talk to. If the cat is eligable to show, they would be looking for the heavier Ragdoll which meets the standard the best. I havn't seen any standards that fit the smaller ones. While they are usually petite, they should still gain weight on a regular basis and develop normally.
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