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Sleepy kitten syndrome

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I'm wondering how many rescuers/owners have kittens or adults that seem 'not right'; what I call "sleepy kitten syndrome', not to be confused with Fading or other.
This would be a kitty, rescued from stressful situation either born feral or stray that is s/n, vaccinated, examined thorughly and dx in good health. No apparent problem, except he sleeps most of the time, doesn't play with other
cats even siblings he grew up with, might respond to being petted as long as he is not picked up and moved. Eats well except won't come out to food bowl, falls asleep right after eating. Uses litterbox all right and remembers where litterbox is. Looks good; glossy, clear eyes, right weight.
That is what one of my fosters (6 months, born feral, rescued at 4 months) is like, I learnt from others that are fostering a kitty that was like that, now is 1 year old, hasn't changed a bit.
Vets can't find anything wrong with her, at least physically. I've been told it doesn't sound like retardation. It is probably mental trauma..has anybody else run accross a similar case? She won't be adoptable if so (though that's OK) but I'd like her to come around anyways..it is not the one in my siggy, Nanette's her sibling. I'm fostering a litter of 3; Nanette, Juliette and Suzette.
All distemper survivors, still with a bit of URI on meds. N and J are taming OK but S is the sleepy one
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Could it be it's just how she's reacting to the meds? They might make her sleepy? Or just needs the sleep to help recouperate after the distemper? When babies are sick they tend to sleep alot of it off.
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Has she had any blood tests? My kitten last year always seemed a bit mellow, and it turned out that he had FIP. A blood test told us there was an infection starting in his liver, but we didn't really know what was going on until it really hit him.

Also, I suppose it wouldn't be in such a young cat, but I wonder about thyroid? And of course there are just kitties that sleep a lot more than others.
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