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Carving Pumpkins...

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Hi all...

I've been super busy with wedding stuff (3 days!!!) but I wanted to stop in and share this because I know only cat lovers can appreciate the amazing pumpkin I found to carve.

When we went to pick them out, I knew I was going to do a cat. But how perfect is this pumpkin?

What makes it perfect, you ask? The fact that it has the cutest kitty butt ever

Erik carved a super-sweet flaming skull, too - here they are during the day and then at night (note the kitty tale up on the wall behind the pumpkin, that was too pefect)...

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at the kitty butt

wow they look awesome!! wish we carved pumpkins here in Aus
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Very good!! I love the kitty butt too!!
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that is great i love them all lite up
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I love them! Great kitty butt! Here's mine!
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post
at the kitty butt

wow they look awesome!! wish we carved pumpkins here in Aus

You can get one of those fake pumpkins!
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Wow, you guys are so talented at this! Congratulations!
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama View Post
I love them! Great kitty butt! Here's mine!

i like this one too you are all so creative
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That is too cute! I love the kitty butt!.Lmao
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Those are awesome! That kitty butt is too sweet!!!

I haven't carved a pumpkin in gosh.... 30 years? Long time anyway.

You did a fabulous job and they look spectacular lit up!
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They are GREAT!
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They are sooooo good!! The kitty butt is the funniest thing - you must have cracked up as soon as you saw that!

I love how the kitty tail shines on the wall as well! I think I'll have to do a kitty with my remaining pumpkin...

We carved pumpkins last weekend with our neighbours (great fun for this non-Halloween celebrating Aussie, and our non-Halloween celebrating South African neighbours). These are ours! The face is mine, the bat and moon is Christina, our neighbours, and AIDEN was done by her hubby - Aiden is their 6 week old son

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Ahh, you guys are so good at it! We've grown pumpkins again this year (we grew loads and loads of veg too :P) and have around 35 at the moment (we've sold and gave away some) so yeah, I have 35 attempts at doing something good, right? :P

Hmm.. I really wanna do a kitty cat now.
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Cute kitty butt! That is hilarious!!
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