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prayers needed

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Well, where do I start??

We have a family member who is gravely ill with cancer. She has had it since 2000, and they gave her 2-5 years at that point. In the past few weeks she had taken quite a turn for the worse, and went spiraling downhill.

Yesterday, she checked into Beth Israel Hospital here in Boston, and her current prognonis is 2 weeks left.
She is not going to get better, but she sure could use some prayers to help her find her way.
Keep this woman in your thoughts and prayers if you can. She is 58 years old and leaving behind 2 kids and 4 grandkids, one of which is only 4 months old. This board has amazing powers, and I know with just a few good thoughts, her last few days on this earth will be peaceful.

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Love and prayers coming your way Daniela.
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Daniela, I'm so sorry your relative is so seriously ill, and I will pray for her and for her family. I hope she will have an opportunity to say goodbye to all those who are special to her here, and that she is able to accept what is happening to her. The day will come when you are reunited with her and with other loved ones in a very wonderful and beautiful place.
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Daniella. It is so sweet of you to post this. I hope and pray that your relative finds her last days peaceful and filled with wonderful memories of her family and life spent here.
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We are sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers to you and your whole family. We know far too many who have faced this terrible fate. We pray for a miracle for you!
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Prayers for a peaceful ending coming from Florida. May God give strength to her family members.
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Lots of prayers for her and her family going up...
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I do pray that your relative find peace and that her fear and pain will be eased.

It is a truly terrifying time for all concerned and I also pray that her family are able to come to terms with the loss of a dear one when that time comes.
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In some cases this time is more difficult for those who are left behind. I know it was for me when this happened with my mother.

My thoughts are with you and your family Daniela. I hope that this time brings time to share your love with each other, and for a peaceful time for your relative.
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Love, prayers and strength for all the family. Heidi, you are definately right, it is more difficult for those left behind.

Angels in waiting for your family member May she have a peaceful and beautiful new beginning...
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Thanks to all of you for your lovely well wishes and your emails and PM's as well. It is very much appreciated.

As of now, she is being released from the hospital today to go home. She does not want to pass on in the hospital, she wants to be in her own home w/ her children and family near her. Totally understandable.

Her prognosis is still 2-4 weeks, but she had a rough night last night and everyone seems to think that the 2 week mark is more of a realistic hope than the 4 week one.

Thank you all once again, and I will be sure to post when the end has come for her.
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Daniela!! I am sorry to hear about this! My thoughts and my prayers are going up for this woman, that she might have a very peaceful passing from this life into the next. I hope she doesn't suffer too much. I think it is good that she wanted to be at home, and not in the hospital when the time comes.

I will hold her in my prayers.
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Daniela - are you going to utilize Hospice for her? It is a wonderful program and can ease the pain of loss for the family too.
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Good thoughts and prayers coming your way! I hope that your relative does not suffer long and that she will be in peace.
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No, unfortunately Hospice will not be used. Not by OUR choice, but by hers. She is dead set against it, she sees it as the last nail in the coffin.

Everyone has tried to tell her its best for her, but she won't hear of it. And since its her life, they are letting her make these final decisions. Maybe she will change her mind, but as of now, only family members are caring for her. We've had other family members pass on and Hospice has always been there, this is a first time that someone has said NO. But there is still hope, she could decide that she needs it after all.
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