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Now She Doesn't Want Him

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Welcome to the World of Ferals, hunh? Hubby, who's back is out and in several weeks is heading in for surgery that will put him out of commission for 8 - 12 weeks, spent 3 hours this morning working on trapping the two kitties we have homes for. He only managed to catch the orange one.

Took orangie to the Vet. The woman who said if we could catch him, she'd take him, was working. I said triumphantly "He caught him!" She started laughing and said, "Oh My, isn't life funny? I just adopted a rag doll a few days ago." Would've been nice if she'd called to let us know! They have our number. It's not like it's been a month since she said she'd take him.

But he's absolutely darling, and the other woman said she's confident she can find him a home. We did have a Doc see him (he's already had his shots, etc.). Even though he's young (probably 4 months), if he's big enough, might as well get him neutered. They said it's a go (he was always huge, the biggest of the litter), so since he'd just eaten, they'll do it tomorrow. It'll take him a couple of days to recover, so we have a deadline - otherwise we'll have to release him. I hope he has another angel watching over him!
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Oh Laurie - how FRUSTRATING!!!
I am sorry that this adoption is not going to fly - but perhaps God has another plan in mind for this orangie babe. Does he have a name yet?
BTW - you and hubby are doing such a fine job helping out your little feral family. I also hope that your husband recovers quickly from his surgery.
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That was not very nice of her to at least let you know! Some people are so inconsiderate. Even thought it is frustrating, a big, pretty orange kitty shouldn't be hard to find a home for. I am crazy about my big orange baby. He has 2 angels looking out for him, I think he will be fine. I think it is wonderful how you and your husband have taken on the care of this feline family. I am sure you will have many good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for your husband. Let us know how he and the kitty are doing.
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You're so right about all of it! That first nuzzle - turning that purr motor on, finding homes, etc.! We just started this, and not even intentionally, really. But we're hooked now.

What bothers me most about all of this is that we have to find homes with people who are willing to socialize them. People at the Vet's are helping to the extent they can. We made it VERY clear that if they get adopted out and it doesn't work out, we want them back! Better they get put back in a territory they know with other cats they know (and with access to healthcare, food and water provided by us) than getting dumped in some strange place.

We adopted two of them (and BOY DO WE LOVE THEM!). Hubby is so great with animals - we could turn out loving, socialized kitties if only we had the room. With a living space of a little over 200 sq. ft., though, it just isn't an option.

But we do what we can, right? Every little bit helps!

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Laurie - for every kitten you have helped, you earn bigger and better kitty angel wings!
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