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A friend for Callie???

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The local shelter posts pictures of animals available for adoption at our town's Walmart in the Pet Aisle... which is a great idea IMO! Well, I have always loved calico cats, and here is a beautiful girl that caught my eye... I am debating whether to visit the shelter and meet her in person... I'm afraid that I'll fall in love with her and HAVE to bring her home... except for the fact that my husband and I have already decided that we would wait to get another animal!!! If it was just me and Callie, I wouldn't hesitate... what do you guys think of her?

Can you imagine, two calicos in one house? :-D
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Oh you better go get her I couldn't stand it, it's a good thing I have 8 and I am containing myself, or I would have 88, she is Darling and just like my hubby would say " Just go get the Cat " what's one more A few extra handfuls of food, and extra scoop, and lots of Love to go around, and maybe your hubby wouldn't notice they look alike
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Can you imagine, two calicos in one house?
YES!!! I have 3 of them!!

I say..........GO GET HER!!! Talk it over with your hubby and see what he thinks first though
Calicos are my FAVORITE!!!
I went to the shelter to adopt Mia the baby with the bullseyes on her sides and saw Sapphire--the Dilute Calico girl...........and adopted them BOTH the same time!!!
I adopted Lilly --larger Calico--a few weeks earlier
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
Oh you better go get her
i agree - but check w/DH first, i would say - just to keep the peace! she's lovely, tho.
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I say get the kitty

Chop some onions first and make sure your eyes are sufficiently running and your nose is running, wash your hands to get rid of the onion smell, then go and talk to him about sad you are that that little baby is sitting in a cage and has so much love to give and you want to adopt her.

Men are suckers for tears! hehe
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And she's a "mi-ke (mee-kay)" with those large blocks of tri-color, which according to Japanese legend, brings good luck to the household
My daughter acquired her mi-ke calico, Christy, while struggling to recover from encephalitis. Christy, at approx. 2 weeks old, need Nat (Christy's mother was poisoned -deliberately by a cat-hater) and Nat, in deep depression and suffering miserably from extreme dizziness, nausea and confusion, needed a reason to want to live, to get better. Christy has been a blessing for 8 years now
Yes, go get the kitty!!!
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