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Well, just recently Patch has been doing this really weird thing to my mum. Most of the time it's when he's just woken up. He starts purring REALLY loud (honestly, he sounds a like a motorbike walking up the bed at night!) and then he walks all over her and first he licks her face and then he walks around her trying to find a little.. gap? Like, a little space between her arm and body where he can get his nose and then he will sit there licking for ages. And then he moves on and finds somewhere else to do it. He only does it to my mum too.

Does anyone elses cat do this? We were thinking he's either a) just a weird little kitty or b) it could be something like he would do to his mum?
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You're cat is trying to nurse you. Tell him "Back off buddy!" I am just kidding. Cat's don't speak english anyway.

Some of my cats do this. Does patch get "happy feet" when he does this? If so then yes, he is trying to nurse you. Consider yourself special. He thinks you're his mommy!
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Bijou had to have his little suckle on my neck every night before bed. He still gives me a little licking where he used to suckle and then settles down for the night. He also only ever does this to me so yes, I guess I'm his meowmy.
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