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Signed Off by the Nurse!

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At last some good news - my daily nurse visits are over! My head is now so much better that I can treat it myself with antiseptic washes, and I don't have to wear the all-over elastic cap and bandage any more, unless I am doing some really dirty work like sanding or gardening (which of course I am for an hour or two each day, but still.... It is such a relief, I felt so silly whenever I went out and it never stayed on in bed at night, apart from being uncomfortable. It is wonderful to be able to shake my head and feel my hair moving! It has been six weeks since the bites, one of the most horrific periods I can remember.
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Oh thank goodness Jenny!!!
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That is great news, Jenny! I am so glad the wounds are now healing properly and there is nothing more to worry about with those nasty infections. I really hope things continue to move in a positive direction
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Thats such good news jenny!
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I'm so happy for you!!That's great news.
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That's wonderful news, Jenny! You're overdue for a positive development. Maybe it's the beginning of a turnaround?
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That's great, Jenny! As Fran said, hopefully it's the start of a turnaround!
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So glad to hear the news, Jenny!
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I hope this is the beginning of your good news, hon! things are looking up at least a little.
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Jenny that is such great news!!!!!
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Bless you Jennie. I'm so glad to hear that portion of your life is resolved. I'm sending good vibes that everything is not on the upswing for you.
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That's fabulous news Jenny - I'm so pleased to hear that things are starting to look up
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That is great news!!!
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I am so pleased for you! I hope things continue to get better for you!!
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I am so happy for you! May many more good things come your way.

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Great news, Jenny!
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What terrific news, Jenny! It must feel so great to have those bandages off!
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I'm very happy to hear your good news! May this be a sign of things getting better all around.
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Fantastic news, Jenny! I can imagine that your head feels so much better now that it's free from the bandage and cap!

Definitely a positive turn to things!
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great news Jenny
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Great! hope this is the start of a turnaround like the others have said
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You are going to have to treat yourself at a hair salon when you are all healed up!!
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That is fantastic news Jenny! I hope it is the beginning of good things to come for you
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