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the Daily Thread Wednesday Oct 18

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Good morning all, Happy hump Day!

Fooggy here, but at least no earthquakes this morning! Not like I noticed the big 2.4 one that lasted 5 seconds yesterday morning

I remember the days of long distance, not that we have it much anymore. I remember wishing my friends lived closer so I didn't have to pay extra to my parents for running up the phone bill!

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Morning all

Well its pretty misty and damp here today as well. Autumn has definately arrived

Shopping is done, house plants are all tidy and the cats are all sleepy

Hubby has just finished water changes on the fish tanks and we are waiting for a delivery of a parcel. Bit of a pain as we dont know when it will be coming so we will have to stay in until it arrives Would like to go out for lunch, but it may be dinner instead

Tigger update : she is doing really well, she comes downstairs all the time now and loves playing with her ping pong ball. We have found a food that she loves (ProPlan) which i am really happy with. Still have hisses on occasion, but it is Tigger who starts the trouble, Jake, Jaz and Izzy seem to have accepted Tigger on the whole.
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It's a warm morning here.We got ALOT of rain yesterday and were affraid the creeks would flood.But, thankfully they didn't get out of their banks.It's suppose to be 73 here today! So, I'll air out the house before Winter sets in.
I love the weather being this warm,but it makes for sick kids One day rain and cold temps and the next warm and sunny.
Forgot to say Morning everyone!!!
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MOrning! Its going to be a long day. Its 7:30 an I have already had to take advil from the ride to work.Lee needs the truck today so he had to drive me. He doesn't listen to directions well so it was quite the adventure to my office! But I am here now so it will be ok!!

Happy Hump Day!
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Good Morning all!!

I don't think it supposed to rain here today, but it will be cloudy...so that sucks a little..Oh well, maybe the sun will come out on the weekend.

Just enjoying my coffee as per usual...still beaming from my encounter with my mystery man yesterday

I hope all you guys have a great day today!!
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Good morning everyone!!

Today we are expecting cloudy skies but no rain!, we had a record amount of rainfall yesterday

I'm just getting ready to head into work, so have a great day all!
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Today i have another day off! whohoo
but it sucks for tomorrow as i have to be at work at 6 am!
I have been really lazy this morning. But i ate a doughnut for breakfast, i realised they had them here and the one i pciked out yesterday looked yummy so i gave it a shot and ate it! wasnt even able to eat half of it untill i got sick! lol
Now i gotta go to the pharmacist a little later, and then off to the german course to unregister. adn then go to my apartment and bring some stuff over.
Have a great day everyone!
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Its overcast this morning with rain again this afternoon. I answered a fellow freecycler want for an old computer tower. My old one is in garage gathering dust and now has a new home!!! Did a bit of washing my woodwork-dirty dirty!!
Not much else going on today.
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Hey everyone!
Humm....lets see, it's pretty nice outside today....in the 80's...tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 50-60! and get down to 40's tomorrow night- lol, no wonder i'm sick Crazy Memphis weather!/ Humm this morning I woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready for my class (i'm a night owl and I have early morning classes....I hit the snooze button 2x )...Well, my first class went really well, I got a lot of stuff done....my Psych II class after that was a nightmare- my teacher...well, I won't use the adjective i'd like to on here to describe her ./ Right now i'm at Colin's house on my break. Kenzie is running around like a crazy little thing, and Fosters is playing with his squeaky toys. I took him outside a few minutes ago and groomed him really well (he LOVES to be brushed..which is good because he's really fluffy ). I just had some lunch and now i'm just relaxing till my next class. After my class, I have to go get Colin from the airport tonight (Wish me luck everyone that knows the whole story...I will need it.) / Other than that i've had a pretty good day.
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