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Prayers......good vibes needed....PLEASE!!!

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my youngest son Seth who is only 6 years old had to have a tooth pulled today .It's one of the back ones that wasn't going to come out for some time yet.But, it had a bad cavity and HAD to be pulled.I feel like such a bad Mom cause I didn't realize it was that bad until 2 weeks ago.
Anyways, he's not doing to good right now.He is VERY sore,sleepy,vomitting,still seeping blood and in alot of pain.They will not give anything for kids to take for pain.Just tell you Motrin.So, that's what I'm doing.But, it's not helping very much.I am beyond myself right now and wish I woulnd't had them remove it.........just try to fill it.
Could you all PLEASE send some prayers/vibes/wellwishes his way?
He's my baby and this is killing me knowing I did this to him. They said I could send him to School NO WAY IN YOU KNOW WHAT!!!And he will most likley stay home with me tomm. also.
The ONLY good thing about it is, we snuggled in my bed when we got home and took a nap together.
Thanks everyone!!!! I will not be able to get on here much today or tomm. unless he is doing better.
Sapphire goes in tomm. to be spayed also.So, I could use some good vibes for that too.
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I assume they gave him anesthesia? That would be why he is so sleepy. The seeping is normal too if I remember correctly. Wonder why they didn't give him something for pain, though.

AAAAWWWWW, soothing headbuts and heal-quck licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Tammy, I'm sorry your little boy is going through this..........it will get better!
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Lots of prayers and vibes headed your way for you and your son. I hope he feels better soon! (Also, i'm a dental student- if he's still in pain about an hour before the dentists office closes- call and demand that they give him something.....they can give him a very very low does....he should not have to be in pain for that long.) Also, what form of anestesia did they use on him??? (Gas mask, iv, liquid??) - different strengths and forms of anestisia can cause drowsiness and dizziness- which could explaine why he is tired Good luck sweetie! And remember- you are a great momma! Don't feel bad that you didn't catch it sooner- sometimes those things are hard to catch- so don't feel so bad. Also, when it's that bad- it is better to have it pulled rather than filled, especially since it was a baby tooth....so that was the right move...it's normal for those to bleed and ooze for a few hours. If you dentist is ok with this- call ahead and check before you do it.....you can give him some warm salt water to rinse his mouth out with several times a day starting tomorrow- you don't want to do that just yet today because you want the socket to have plenty of time to clot so that it will not start to bleed or ooze again....so start that tomorrow with doctors approval- this will stimulate the gums and also keep them clean while it's healing. You can also give him a multivitamine for children or a small dose of Zinc to help speed up healing as well (check with your pharmacist or pediatrician on the proper dose of zinc for your son)...it is wonderful post procedures or surgeries. I hope that helps!!

(Also, no orange juice or anything acidic or really stick(gum or gummie bears)....it can irritate or even sting his sore mouth.)
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Poor little guy! sending many healing prayers and vibes
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aww.. I hope he feels better soon! I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. and Sapphire will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow that her spay goes well. take care. it WILL get better! I promise!
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Aww Don't feel bad! My youngest had the same thing happen and everything you are describing is normal. Just keep the motrin going and I even used liquid tylenol. Jordan did miss two days of school.
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Hi sorry to hear about you son. If the socket keeps weeping, take a bit of cotton wool and place it onto the socket, as this will help form a clot. Rinsing with warm salty water is a good idea, but wait at least 24 hours after weeping as stopped as rinsing may dislodge the clot, making it weep again.
Your not a bad mother at all, some children are born with teeth that are week, meaning cavities can happen easily, even though they brush regularly. If you are worried about brushing, and missing spots, you can buy disclosing tablets (not medicine!!) your son can chew on it, it will turn his teeth pink, and will show you where you need to brush, once you have brushed, the pink is removed.
Do you have calpal in america? its a child friendly pain killer, if not try asking your local chemist/pharmacy.
If your worried about future cavities and preventing them, im not sure about the states, but you can buy toothpaste which contains flouride, which strengthens the tooths enamel and dentine. Plus drinking milk never fails.
Vibes coming your way.
By the way im a qualified dental nurse and if you would like anymore advice pm me. claire
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Also you can alternate motrin with tylonal give the motrin then 2 hours later give tylonal two hours later motrin again ect.
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Oh, thats so horrible for sucha small one to go through! Tell him that Willie wishes he could give him a kitty hug!

Good luck for the spaying, also! I'll always give luck for something like that!
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Ahh I hope he feels better soon, sometimes we Mom's don't always know everything, it's not your fault ... Get well vibes for him and hugs for you.
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Sending many prayers for your son..Poor little guy.
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Thank you all sooooooooooooooooo very much!!!
He is feeling better now.He took a 3 hour nap and got up feeling some better.I gave him some Motrin for pain and will do it again here in about 30 mintues.
He had gauze in his mouth for 45 mintues after the pull.I followed the directions for that.
I assume they gave him anesthesia?
No, they just numbed the gum with local shots.I think the sleepyness was from the pain and trauma.Plus, he was so scared going there.
I went out and bought some childrens ACT.It's a flouride mouth wash.He is to use in once a day.Plus, brush 2 times a day.
I have some mouth wash that turns the spots blue that need to be brushed better.He uses that---we just started that 2 weeks ago.
I checked his mouth and saw how bad his cavity was when he started saying it was hurting him.It wasn't big,just deep.The pain was from a permanent tooth coming in behind it.
I just wish that I would have found it a little sooner.It couldn't have been filled as deep as it was.But, if I would have caught it sooner......it could have been.That's why I'm beating myself up about this.
So, now I sit and watch him brush his teeth to make sure he does a good job.
They told me to have him rinse with salt water tomm. it has to be atleast 24 hours after they removed it.
He said he was hungry earlier and I made him some mashed potatoes,smashed peas and he ate some pudding too.
I'm just scared to send him to School tomm.
Thank you all sooooooooo much!! I can't tell you all how much your prayers/good vibes/well wishes have meant to us.
I'll keep you all posted.
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You sound like a very good Mom to me, having done what you could for your son! My (now 17 y/o) son had a cavity once...he had seen the dentist 3 months before, and brushed his teeth fairly regularly! I think they must develop quickly on kids teeth!

I'm glad he is feeling a little better now. I agree with your plan to keep him home tomorrow...that way you can keep giving him Motrin, monitor what he is eating, and make sure he is swishing with the salt water!

What great advice from the two dental assistants!
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You sound like a very good Mom to me, having done what you could for your son!
Thank you!!!! I'm trying.I have a 16 year old DD,a 13 year old DS,a 8 1/2 year old DS, and then Seth the 6 year old DS.So, I've had plenty of experience with kids.Just never with teeth being pulled by the Dentist.
I'm going to keep him home with me tomm.I am to affraid to send him.
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Ah, it always seems worse when its the baby of the family, too! I have a 23 y/o dd, 17 y/o ds, 10 y/o dd, and 7 y/o ds! Too bad we don't live closer...we would definitely have some friends there!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo View Post
Ah, it always seems worse when its the baby of the family, too! I have a 23 y/o dd, 17 y/o ds, 10 y/o dd, and 7 y/o ds! Too bad we don't live closer...we would definitely have some friends there!
I agree!!! And the good thing about that too, is they all love cats!
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How is he doing right now?
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GOOD!! He has the ice pack on again.....which he isn't happy about.But, he's thrilled that he gets to stay up late and can stay home with me tomm.
Thanks for asking!!!And thanks for ALL the advice.
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Glad to hear he is doing better! My oldest had to have general anesthesia to have a tooth pulled at 2 years old, so I can relate to feeling guilty. But he will be back to his old self in no time, and none the worse for wear, I'm sure!
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OMG!!! I want to slap the %^$# out of my MOM!!!She me off to NO end sometimes!!!
She called a few minutes ago complaing about my 33 year old Brother.She heard Seth up and said "what's he still doing up?It's almost 10:30"
I told her he had a tooth pulled and she said "and?"
My comment was "AND, he's MY son and I am keeping him home tomm. So, he CAN stay up as long as he wants to".She doesn't understand why I don't send him to school tomm either.
Sorry!!! I'm just sooooooooooo steamed right now.It's none of her business what my kids do.She lives in another State and calls here to complain that my 33 year old brother didn't come home!!WHO CARES!!! Get a life will ya!!!
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Oh, Tammy, a comment like your mom's would really send me over the edge If it was my grandson, I'd been on the phone as long as he could stand it, reading him stories, anything to take his mind off his discomfort. Sending lots and lots of {{{prayers and vibes}}} for healing for Seth and Sapphire, and calming and patience for you. Boy, 2 patients at the same time, and less-than-moral support from your mom-geesh!
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Calming Vibes and positive energy floating your way. Another thing and just this once, my recommendation...ICE CREAM! For you and your son!!!!
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))))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((

Prayers and Good Vibes on the way!!!!
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Tammy, I am so sorry your little boy (and you!) are going through this! Having teeth pulled is NO fun; I cannot imagine how it felt to not be under anesthesia AND not be able to take pain meds! Sending him some vibes for a very speedy and safe recovery!
PS- What does DS/DD mean??
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PS- What does DS/DD mean??
DS stands for dear son and DD stands for dear daughter.
He is doing alot better now.Thank you EVERYONE for your prayers!!They are VERY much appreciated.
My Mom is just down right selfish and thinks of only herself and my Brother .
Sapphire's spay went well today.She is a bit swelled and they told me to keep a CLOSE eye on it.I guess because it is more swollen than what they would like.
So, I have 2 babies recouperating.
I will be sending Seth to school tomm. with VERY strict instructions.And of course I will be calling there every hour or so.I work Thursday and Friday at their school,so I can keep an eye on him myself.
I gave him a treat today of chocolate milk and some doughnut holes.He ate mac-n-cheese for supper.His FAVORITE!!!
I am eating some chocolate covered raisins........1 of my favorites.
Thank you again EVERYONE!!!! You all are soooooooo wonderful and I'm proud to call you ALL my friends!!
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Wonderful to read that Seth is recovering well!
Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} to Sapphire, that she recover well, also.
You poor mommy - your nerves must be a wreck, so here's a cold one for you
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I'm glad Seth is doing better! Sapphire will be better in no time! You are such a good momma!
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Well Tammy- I hope your night gets better and you have a great day tomorrow. I'm sure Seth and Sapphire will be just fine
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Well Tammy- I hope your night gets better and you have a great day tomorrow. I'm sure Seth and Sapphire will be just fine
Good night and good luck!
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