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Wonderful afternoon

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Went to the rescue I foster for today to pick up some litter and take piccies of the cats ready for rehoming, and it was wonderful - we have 4 manic 9wo kittens in, so great entertainment!! The adult cats were pretty much just watching them though. But my break from fostering might not last as long as I wanted it to - I have a pick of cats, but the one I think might win is a 15week old very timid female, who has no chance of rehoming at the moment, and has been with us since August. She would need to be caged in the front room though, rather than using hte cat room (which leaves it free for the Bengal we are suppsoed to be getting!!), and she is very small for her age. I think as long as Tiger's FeLV result comes back negative, tehn I will ring the rescue to arrange collecting her!! I knew going there woudl be a bad idea!!
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What's one more kitty?The more the merrier!!
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Sounds like she could use your special touch! Hope she is FeLV neg!
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I hope I have a good touch, i have never tried to socialise such a young kitten!!!
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Fingers crossed that Tiger's results come back negative!

I wondered how tempted you'd be when you went to the rescue! Sounds like it shouldn't be too long 'til you have a houseful again!
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I know!!

I knew I would be tempted before I got there, but the one I want to bring here isn't teh one I thought I woudl be tempted with!! You are quite welcome to come with me if I can foster her!!!! 4 fuzzy 9 week old kittens to play with!!!
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Well, Tiger's results came back negative today, so I am going picking Shadow up on Fri. Here are a couple of pics I took on Sun - she is only 15 weeks old, she looks too small to me.

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She is small but she's gorgeous!
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she is beautiful and I bet she comes out of her shell with some TLC. she looks mischievious.
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Originally Posted by Sar View Post
Fingers crossed that Tiger's results come back negative!
......I hope everything going all right!
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Well, Tiger's results came back negative today, so I am going picking Shadow up on Fri. Here are a couple of pics I took on Sun - she is only 15 weeks old, she looks too small to me.
......good News!
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The results took absolutely ages to come back (and there was another thread in health and behaviour!!) - it is 2 weeks today since she went with being off colour, and I only got the results at 5.30 last night!! I am really excited that i am getting a new foster - my break hasn't lasted 2 weeks!!
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
You are quite welcome to come with me if I can foster her!!!! 4 fuzzy 9 week old kittens to play with!!!
Oh my! Don't tempt me! So long as there are no pure Torties, I might be able to keep myself under control!

Awwww, Shadow is gorgeous! Will you be picking her up before next Thursday?
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Mum is a tortie and white, but the only kittens that are waiting for homes are black and whites and a pure ginger - dont think I have seen a black and white from a tortie mum before!! The other adults are two black and whites and a pure white (who I also want, but she should be easy whereas Shadow isn't). Am picking Shadow up tomorrow night, so you being here next week will be good, as she needs to have people in the house ignoring her to get used to them.
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Awww, bless!

Hmmm, am I really going to be able to ignore sweet Shadow? I'll be rolling around on the floor tempting her over!
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WEll, she is here. No photos though, as the poor little mite is still hiding in the carrier (luckily that fit in the cage, so I might take the blanket out and just leave hte carrier), so I thought I would come upstairs so I could make the room quiet and dark for her - she has toys, catnip, food (with RR)and water. I did get a quick stroke though, as one of the other cats pinched the carrier!! She does allow it, but looks very scared, so I only did it as I had to hold her while the rescue took the other cat out of the carrier. They did come in off the streets, but doesn't act like a feral, and her siblings are both confident cats now. Hopefully I will be able to win her round - the rescue did say that if I am good at it, I might be getting a few next year!! They also wanted me to take on a 10 year old, but I said that I need to devote time to her.

No, you probably wont be able to ignore her - will have to see what she is like by next Thurs I think.
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Not a particularly good night - I thought I heard her crying a couple of times, but wasnt sure as I play music all night, and when I went down she was quiet. When I went to feed her though, she had got litter on top of the carrier, in the food and water, all over the bed, food all over the bed and a biscuit on top of hte carrier!! So I think she was a bit stressed - the cage was completely covered last night, so have left it partly covered now, and moved things inside it to see if that helps - I might sleep downstairs tonight, or leave a nightlight on. The rescue say i should take the carrier off her as soon as possible so she cant hide from me, but I feel a bit cruel doing that. I have managed to put one of the scratch posts with a box at the bottom in, just need her to come out of the carrier now!!
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Awww, poor little sausage! Hopefully once she realises that it's safe there she'll settle down a little bit!

At least she has a lot of goodies to keep her occupied and little hidey spaces so she can hide away when she feels she needs to!

I'm sure she'll begin to come round soon! I'm looking forward to meeting her though!
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She has come out of the carrier!! I was on the phone to the rescue, and was trying to get Molly to play, and as mine have bells on their collars, she could hear her, and peeked out. She ended up coming out completely and sitting looking at her, but then Molly spotted her and growled and spat, despite being the other side of the room!!! She didn't really bother with the scratch post, and she was too close to the carrier and I was too far away to risk trying to take it out - at this rate I will be pulling it apart so she can't hide as much!! they have treats for tea though!! Tiger really isn't happy with the cage, she is back to being spitty and lashing out, and is spending most of her time in the cat room, bless her.
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Another bad night with her - when the lights go off, she starts crying, bless her. I managed to get the carrier out of the cage last night which could have made her worse. Ended up going sleeping on the front room floor at 4am to see if it helped, but it didn't really. Tried covering the cage completely, uncovering the cage, night light, and nothing seems to work with her. Left her at 8am to go back to bed, and when I Woke up at 10, she was quiet - but by the time I had got downstairs to feed her she wasn't. So I was really naughty and put my hand in and stroked her to see if that helped any, which it didn't, but she did allow it without trying to run away. Am going to see if my sis has a spare bedside light, to see if that helps, as I Can't leave my front room light on due to an open plan house. If anyone has any other tips, please share!!
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Awww, it sounds quite trying! I hope that she begins to settle a little soon and you find a way to help her through the night!

I have a bedside light that is quite soft that I could bring over on Thursday if you'd like? It's worth a try really!

Maybe you could buy some Felifriend spray to see if that helps you to smell more familiar to her?
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Poor little girl I look forward to hearing about how she is adjusting
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Yep, the housework is going out of the window - well, except for the cats stuff, mine can wait!! I do try and get new cats on a Fri in case there are settling in probs. if my sis can't bring one over, it woudl be nice of you Sarah - I have been leaving nightlights on, but to no avail. I am also running slightly low on plug sockets!! Oh well.
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After I finished on here, I went and gave her another stroke - she doesn't seem to enjoy it, but as long as she is on the platform of the activity thing, she will accept it. Then I noticed she hadn't eaten much, so I hand fed her some ham. I think that as she is allowing fusses and eating from me so quickly, a lot of the work has already been done while she is in the rescue, so it shouldn't be that hard to just do that final bit with her. She really hates being on her own though, makes me wonder what she was like when she was left in the cattery. Have managed to get some pics of her - as you can see from one of htem, she now has some cuddly things in there - she has very briefly patted one of them,the one she has her chin on in the other pic.

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i ended up taking her out of the cage for a cuddle last night, and fussed her after that - thought I had gone too far with her, but I did the right thing - she wasn't keen when I fussed her on the platform this morning, and she wouldn't stop crying when I came up to feed the others, so I went back down, took her out and gave her a cuddle and talking to, and after that, she started pushing against my finger when I put it through the bar, and I have just had her kneading the blanket and positioning her body for more of a fuss - she still cries pitifully when left though, I need to try and work on that.
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Awww, she looks so tiny in the cage!

It sounds like she's making slow but sure progress with the fusses though! It's a shame how scared she gets when you leave the room though, hopefully a light or something will help her?

How is she when the others are downstairs?
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she is.

I had nose touches and more purrs this morning after logging off, which is fab. She is still wary when she is on the platform, but on the blanket, she really relaxes and looks like she is having fun. I think it is other cats she misses rather than the light, as she cries during the day, and perks up when seh hears a collar. But sadly mine aren't very sociable, so will have to speak to the rescue later.
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