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How cool is this?

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One of my good friends who lives across the country is getting married. She and her husband have all they could ever need. They have a wonderful house, two beautiful kitties, and great jobs. They asked all who have been invited to forgo gifts and donate to the humane society in their town! How cool is that?
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Wow, that is very selfless...They are so generous!!
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We did that too... not to a humane society though. We'd been living together for a few years already, and we didn't really NEED anything just for the sake of getting stuff. So we asked for donations to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (DH's mum died when he was a baby from ovarian cancer - she could have had treatment, but she was pregnant and chose his life first...), and to the Heart Foundation because my dad died of a heart condition when I was little.

It was DH's idea as well - I was happy to do a gift registry because that's what everyone did, but he chose that because he figured that helping with research dollars in those fields mean more to both of us in the long run.

That's why I married him
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