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Do them yourself shots

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Does anyone here do the "do it yourself"shots from like omaha vaccine company.com or petmeds.com or any others?? Im in colorado and the only one im NOT aloud to do is rabies-- But Im thinking about doing this-- Because its much cheaper-- And wanting to find out other peoples thoughts on it and if they have had any problems- And the cheapest place you have found on the internet to order them!! Please let me know.. Thank you!
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Not a good idea IMO.
Cat can and do have vaccination reactions and I'd much rather have a trained person on hand in case that happens.
A cat that doesn't react one time may still react later.
Much safer to have a vet or at the very least a vet tech do them.
You really have no idea if safe handling practices have been followed for the vaccines prior to their arrival at your home.
This thread may also help.
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I do the at home vaccines with my dogs, and I get them from my local feed shop. Theyve never had a reaction.

But with Ceci im definately taking her to the vet. Cats are much more delicate than dogs and I dont want to risk giving her too much, or having something happen to her
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